How to put cash on the card

How to put cash on the card

For many Russians, plastic cards arean alternative to standing in line at the cashier's office, where they give out wages, so they do not bother about the ways of replenishing the account. But what if there was a need not to withdraw money, but to make, for example, to pay for the purchase on the Internet? There are several ways to put cash on a bank card, differing in convenience and the commission charged.

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It is easiest to replenish the card in cash through"Native" card bank. To do this, you need to visit the nearest branch of the bank with a passport, while you need to know the card number and the full name of the holder, if this is not your card. If these conditions are met, the operator will transfer the funds to the card in a few minutes. Especially for those who are in a hurry and can not stand in line, more and more banks put special terminals that allow you to deposit funds for enrollment on the card, knowing only its full number. In this case, the money comes to the account in about ten to twelve hours.

If the card itself is with you, you canuse an ATM that accepts bills. Such ATMs are located both in bank branches, and in large stores, and sometimes in the subway. The undoubted advantage of this method is the ability to replenish the balance of the card at any time of the day, since ATMs almost always work around the clock.

In the absence of ATMs and branches necessarybank in the vicinity, you can transfer money to your card using bank transfer. To do this, you need the full details of the receiving bank (they are indicated on the bank's website), your card number, account number (it can be seen in the contract) and a passport. Bank transfer takes several days, besides, a commission is charged for it, which depends on the bank making the transfer.

You can also use Qiwi-terminals, whichinstalled throughout the country. True, not all banks allow you to replenish your cards in a similar way, but this is usually indicated on the websites of organizations. You may need additional information like your account number. In addition, Qiwi takes a commission, the size of which can not always be known directly. It depends most often on your bank. Payment through Qiwi usually comes in 24 hours.