Where to direct the funds of the parent capital

Where to direct the funds of the parent capital

To support the families in which the second andthe subsequent child, the state has developed some programs. These include maternity capital. Some mothers, having a certificate in their hands, do not have information about where to spend maternity capital.

Where to direct the funds of the parent capital

In 2015, the amount of maternity capital is453 026 rubles. As a rule, the funds indicated in the received certificate are not issued to the hands. That's why you can not spend them for any of your needs, the state is very attentive to this. According to the law, you can cash out the parent capital three years after the birth of the child. But there are exceptions here, for example, if you want to buy housing in a mortgage, you can use the certificate right after you receive it.

Improvement of living conditions

After three years you can improve your living conditions due to the certificate. The main condition is that this housing is located on the territory of Russia.

To use the tools, you must collect a package of documents. It includes:

- application for disposal of funds indicated in the certificate (the form you can obtain from the FIU);

- certificate;

- insurance pension certificate of the person who received the certificate;

- passport;

- a written commitment of a person who entered into a contract for the acquisition or construction of housing in shared ownership for family members. This document must be notarized.

If you buy housing, please also provide the following documents:

- contract of sale of property;

- A copy of the certificate of ownership of the person from whom you purchase housing.

Education of a child

You can also spend money on trainingchild, and this can be done not only in relation to school, university, but also pre-school education. If you gave birth to a baby, he was three years old, and the older brother went to college, the amount indicated in the parent capital can pay for his education. For this you must collect the following documents:

- application for disposal of funds;

- certificate;

- SNILS of the person who received the maternity capital;

- passport;

- contract with an educational institution;

- the license of the educational institution;

- If the institution is non-governmental, you will need a certificate of state accreditation.

Cumulative part of the labor pension of the person who received the certificate

The use of maternity capital can also befunded part of the pension, and you can send funds not only to the FIU, but also to another non-state fund. To do this, contact the Pension Fund, submit the following documents:

- application for disposition of funds;

- certificate;

- insurance pension certificate of the mother;

- passport.

Note that you can not use all maternity capital. Let's say one part you send to the funded pension, and the other - to the education of the child.