Details on how to transfer money from the card to the Savings Bank card via the Internet

Details on how to transfer money from the card to the Savings Bank card via the Internet

If you need to transfer money fromone plastic card for another, it is not necessary to contact the Sberbank office. It is much more convenient to use the Internet banking service, the advantages of which have already been appreciated by many clients of Sberbank. Money transfer through the Internet is not only the fastest, but also the cheapest way.

Details on how to transfer money from the card to the Savings Bank card via the Internet

You will need

  • - a computer



To use the money transfer serviceInternet, it is necessary to have a Sberbank card, which is connected to the Sberbank-on-line system, (it is connected with a card and passport in any Sberbank office) with a personal identification number and password. If a plastic card is available, the identification number and passwords can be obtained by using any terminal or ATM that serves Sberbank cards. The procedure does not take much time: - Insert the card - Dial the PIN - In the menu, find the item "Obtain the identification number". If everything is done correctly, you will receive one basic password and 20 one-time passwords.


To transfer funds directly from the cardto a card through the Sberbank-on-line system, it is necessary that the computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone be connected to the Internet network. If the connection exists, proceed as follows: - go to ;- enter in blank forms, carefully checking all the required data; - click the "Next" button. Further actions will differ, depending on On whose card the money should be transferred.


If funds are transferred from the card,registered to the sender, that is, to you, to the account of another person's card registered to another person, then find the "Operations" tab. On the right side, find the menu, in it, click "Transfer to the map". A page with fields for entering card numbers opens. Fill in the first window with the number of the card with which you want to transfer funds. After that, on which the money should be transferred. Enter the transfer amount, for example, 3000. Click "Next". To confirm the operation, you will need one of the previously received 20 passwords, or you can request a password via SMS, specifying the phone number.


Transferring money from one card to another, if bothregistered on you, produced in a similar way, including one nuance. In the opened tab "Operations" in the menu on the right you need to find the item "To your accounts". Next, card numbers are entered, first the one with which the funds are transferred, then the one to which they are to be received. After specifying the amount and pressing the "Next" button, the operation is confirmed via SMS or passwords.


For the convenience of customers, the Sberbank-on-line systemgives the opportunity to monitor and verify the operations performed. To do this, on the page of the site you need to find the link "History of operations in Sberbank-on-line", going over it, you will be able to view all the previous operations. The convenience of transferring money through the Sberbank-on-line system is undeniable. The money comes on the card in a few minutes. Almost instantly. However, one must know that Sberbank does not allow the transfer of funds from a credit card to a savings card. However, you can transfer money from your salary (accumulative) card to your credit card, though. In this case, for the transaction, the bank will withhold a commission of 3% of the transfer amount.