Church Orthodox holidays in December

Church Orthodox holidays in December

The Orthodox calendar is full of holidays and days of memory of saints. In December, the great feast of the twelve and the memory of the great saints is celebrated.

Church Orthodox holidays in December

December 4 - Introduction to the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Maria after reaching the age of three inaccompanying parents comes to the Jerusalem temple. Mary's parents, the righteous Joachim and Anna, kept God's promise to dedicate their daughter to God. A little girl herself ascends the high steps of the Jerusalem temple and enters the Holy of Holies. She enters the depths of love, purity, contemplation, silence, which constitute Divine grace. Here begins her first experience with God. In the church, the Blessed Otrokovitsa spends time in prayer and work, staying in purity and chastity. This holiday is also called the beginning of salvation. In the troparion of the feast, it is sung "... in the temple of God, the Virgin is clearly seen and preaches Christ to all." This holiday encourages people to strive for purity of soul and God-communion.

December 6 - the feast day of the holy and blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky

Alexander performed the duties of princeNovgorod from the age of 15. Neighborhoods of Novgorod were Swedes and Germans, who constantly attacked the Novgorod lands. For the victory over the Swedes in 1240 on the banks of the Neva, Alexander received the nickname of Nevsky. The wise rule of the prince, his diplomatic abilities allowed to protect Russia from new raids of enemies. Prince Alexander showed himself to be a true Christian, when he refused to bow to pagan idols at negotiations with Batu. Before his death, the Grand Duke took monastic vows with the name of Alex.

December 7 is the day of memory of St. Catherine the Great Martyr

The saint lived in Alexandria in the IV century, differedbeauty and high education. Wanting to have his fiance only an equal in value young man, she asked for advice to the desert. The Staretz taught Catherine the Christian faith. Then she realized that the young men who surpass her in all gifts are Christ. After receiving the baptism, Christ appeared to Catherine in a dream and called her his eternal and imperishable bride, giving a ring. Tsar Maximian, who was the persecutor of Christians, organized in Alexandria a contest of 50 learned men with Catherine concerning questions of faith. St. Catherine not only took over the sages, but also turned many of them into the Orthodox faith. The king ordered the young virgin to be tortured. Moril of her hunger, arranged special wheels to break up the body. But nothing could break the faith of a saint. Then the king ordered Catherine to cut off the sword.

10 December - a holiday in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "The Sign"

Before this icon pray for protection from attackenemies, from fires, as well as protection from thieves and criminals. Novgorodians in 1170 prayed before this icon from the attack of enemies. After the divine sign Novgorodians were inspired to fight, and the enemy was attacked by fear and he fled. In memory of this event, a holiday was established, which was called the day of punishment of the warring against the coreligionists. In different parts of Russia the lists of the icon "The Sign" became famous: "Tsarskoselskaya", "Korchemaya", "Solovetska".

December 13 - the day of the memory of the apostle from the twelve Andrew the First-Called

The first of the disciples of the Savior, the brother of the apostlePeter, St. Anrey, after the resurrection of the Lord preached the Christian faith in many countries. According to legend, he hoisted a cross on Kiev land, pre-telling the future of the baptism of Rus. At the end of his labors, he went to the city of Patras, where the apostle received a martyr's death.

December, 17 - day of memory of the holy martyr Barbara

The daughter of a noble heathen Dioscore. Considering that none of the simple and ignorant people is not worthy to see the beauty of his daughter, imprisoned her in a high tower. Varvara herself came to faith, was baptized and decided to devote herself to God. She urged her father to accept the Orthodox faith, but he angrily led her to the ruler. The barbarian was tormented, forcing him to renounce Christ and bow to idols. The tormentor saw that nothing could defeat the patience of the saint, condemned her to death. Saint Varvara was truncated by the sword with her father's hands. She is prayed in sorrow and despondency, and also to repent and take communion before death.

December 19 is a day of remembrance of the memory of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, Archbishop Myra of Lycia

Saint Nicholas is praying for chastity andsafe marriage of daughters, from drowning on the water, with obsession with evil spirits and in many diseases. His relics are now in the Italian city of Bari. Relics of St. Nicholas have many healings.

December 22 - Conception by the Righteous Anne of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Prayer for permission from infertility, gaveJoachim and Anna are a female child. This pure maiden - the Most Holy Theotokos - the beginning of the salvation of the human race. Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

December 25 is the day of the memory of St. Spyridon of Trimiphunt

The great miracle-worker, who, at the time of hisearthly life was famous for humility, mercy, help to those who were in trouble, the healings of the sick. The future hierarch was distinguished by benevolence and sincere responsiveness to the misfortunes and everyday needs of people. By obeying the commandments and constant prayer, the saint acquired the gifts of foresight, expulsion of demons and healing of the sick. The saint is prayed for getting rid of hunger, about successes in trade, about the prosperous management of the economy. The imperishable relics of St. Spyridon rest on the island of Corfu (Corfu island) Greece.