Tip 1: What does the Leshy look like?

Tip 1: What does the Leshy look like?

Leshiy, like most of the representatives of the uncleanStrength, is part of the ancient pagan beliefs. Up to now, his image has been preserved by Russian folk tales, so it is not difficult to imagine the external appearance of this creature.

How does a dog

Leshiy is the spirit and owner of the forest and itsNumerous inhabitants. Although his goblin is in every forest, he is attributed a special love for spruce. Often a goblin is dressed like a man, only the left floor of his caftan is smothered behind his right, and not the other way around, as people wear. It is girded by a forest dandy with a red sash. His shoes are confused: the right foot is put on the left leg, and the left one is on the right foot. His eyes are green and burn with a bright flame.

Although goblin tries in every possible way to hide his"Unclean" origin, it is not so easy to do it. The thing is that he has blue blood, and if you look at him through the horse's right ear, his skin acquires a blue tinge. He does not see eyebrows and eyelashes, he combs the hair on his head to the left. If the goblin strolls through his forest lands, his growth is equal to the tallest trees. But when the forest spirit goes out for a walk on the edge, it seems like a small blade of grass and can hide under a berry leaf. In the woods, the leshy rushes like an angry man, constantly losing his hat.

If a person goes to the forest for mushrooms orBerries, and, carried away, wander into the forest thicket, the leshy can strike him in the face of such a fog that he will long circling in search of a pathway to the same place. Knowledgeable people advise the strayer to sit on the stump, remove from himself and turn inside out the clothes, and then put it on again. In addition, you must always swap bast shoes. If you happen to meet the forest owner himself, you should boldly approach him and shout: "Sheep's face, sheep's wool!" Then the goblin disappears, and the fog he has blown immediately disappears, as if he did not exist.

Tip 2: Where the Snow Maiden lives

If it is clear that Santa Claus lives in the forest near Veliky Ustyug, then it is interesting to many, but where is the Snow Maiden?

In the high tower. Great Ustyug

When distributing housing, the authoritiesdecided that she should live where she was born - in the glorious town of Kostroma. The choice fell on him, for the simple and good reason that the Snow Maiden was born in Kostroma, from the image created by the Russian writer and playwright N. Ostrovsky. Subsequently, on the stages of the most famous ballet theaters, the ballet of the same name was titled for the music of P.I. Tchaikovsky. The screened play won the hearts of millions of children and adults.

It was decided not to send a star into the forest, but to give her a palace in the very center of the city. Of course, the Snow Maiden's house is more modest than that of Santa Claus, but after all, he is older and more solid.

In contrast to the Grandfather of Santa Claus, where moreTells about the months in the house of the Snow Maiden there live fairy-tale heroes - Kikimora, Leshiy, Domovoi, Cat Bajun. The gods of the ancient Slavs are also interesting. Quite a lot of interesting and unexpected guests are waiting for the guests. Feel where the Snow Maiden is most comfortable in the Ice Room, where even drinks are served in ice packs and glasses.

A cheerful performance diversifies the tour around the Snow Maiden's house. And, of course, photos with the mistress of the house and fairy-tale heroes, souvenirs for memory.

You can visit the Snow Maiden at any time of the year, but only the winter can convey the entire feeling of fairy-tale and reality at the same time.

Tip 3: Why do we need lawyers

Historians refer to the appearance of the first lawyers toThird century BC. The formation of this profession is associated with the transition of legal relations to a higher level. It was then that Roman law arose and people needed knowledge of the field.

Why do we need lawyers

The term "lawyer" in the broadest sense is understood as a specialist in the field of jurisprudence. On practice lawyers Have a narrower specialization. It is possible to identify lawyers working in the field of criminal, civil law, lawyers, notaries, etc. The existence of a large number of legal specializations is due to the large amount of material in each area of ​​law. The functions of lawyers are determined according to their specialization. A lawyer working in law enforcement agencies can act as a public prosecutor, and a lawyer from the bar of advocates protects citizens in the framework of a lawsuit. The notary deals with the preparation of various kinds of documentation, the drafting of wills and powers of attorney, the attestation of copies of documents, etc. The jurists have always served as intermediaries between a complex legislative system and civil society. Most of the population does not have legal literacy and applies for clarification of their rights to lawyers. Acting as a kind of enlightener, representatives of this profession hold open seminars on civil, labor, family and other types of law. In similar occupations lawyers Explain how a citizen can protectTheir interests, achieve certain benefits, not to fall prey to bureaucratic arbitrariness. Legal assistance is needed for a modern person not only in property or business matters, but also in solving many everyday problems. Making a major purchase, using the services of beauty salons, fitness centers often people often face irresponsibility, negligence and a thirst for profit. Only the consumer protection specialist can help in resolving these conflicts. The modern media reacts vividly to the legal environment in the society and often invites lawyers to various programs in the role of authoritative experts capable of assessing from the point of view of the right of the participants' actions and giving advice in solving the current problem .