Who is Bajun's cat?

Who is Bajun's cat?

Among all the various evil forces inhabiting Russian folklore, there is a pretty sweet creature - the cat Bayun. However, a meeting with this charming cat threatened a person with considerable troubles.

cat Baiyun

Like the fantastic bird Sirin, the cat Bajunhas a truly magical voice. With his wonderful fairy tales, he talks and puts to sleep the approaching travelers. Those who can not resist his charms, the cat-sorcerer deprives life. But the one who manages to tame this amazing animal, will be able to cope with any disease, because the fairytales of Bayun have healing power.

The magical cat lives in the far end of the world, inor in an ominous dead forest, where there is no other living creature: no animal, no bird. Baiun's cat can also live with Baba Yaga, being her devoted servant.

There are many Russian folk tales,the main hero of which is instructed to catch Bayun, but this is done in order to send the young man to certain death. To protect herself from it, Ivan Tsarevich must wear an iron cap and iron gloves. The defeated cat becomes a wonderful healer.

There is a matted cat Bajun and another usefuland peaceful occupation. Old Russian mothers invited him to cradle the children, paying for their work with a pie and a glass of wine. Later, the wine was replaced with a milk crumb, thus turning the witch cat into an ordinary pet.

However, the cat-narrator did not get lost inthe depth of centuries. It is not difficult to recognize him in the image of the "cat of the scientist" from Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila." "Oak green", according to which the cat walks, is the World Tree from Slavic mythology.

A close relative of Bajun is the sinister onecat Matvey, whose image with a great deal of irony was created by Mikhail Boyarsky in the musical tale "New Year's adventures of Masha and Vitya." By the way, not so long ago the famous actor voiced and the cat of the scientist in the animated films "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf" and "Ivan Tsarevich and Gray Wolf 2".