Jennifer Tilly is a poker star and Hollywood

Jennifer Tilly is a poker star and Hollywood

Famous Hollywood actress, sex symbolHollywood, Jennifer Tilly managed to achieve success, not only taking pictures in the cinema and playing in the theater. Since 2005, she literally broke into the elite of world poker. Her enchanting victory at the prestigious women's tournament became a sensation.

Jennifer Tilly is a poker star and Hollywood

Jennifer Tilly was born in 1958 inHarbor City, Los Angeles. Her father - Harry Chen - an American of Chinese descent, was engaged in the sale of used cars. Her mother was a theatrical actress who had Indian and Irish roots. It is thanks to this unusual blending of blood, she has such an extraordinary spectacular appearance. Chen's family had many children: Jennifer had three younger brothers and sisters.

Parents of the future Hollywood star divorced,when she was only six years old. Patricia - Jennifer's mother did not despair and did not greatly grieve that she was left alone with a bunch of young children in her arms. She quickly found her stepfather, who led a religious sect, to her children. A large family moves to the island of Texada. The local population of the island was mainly engaged in logging operations. John Ward - Jennifer's stepfather, planned to become a writer. Therefore, he did not load himself with physical work. True, his literary works did not find a response in the souls of editors, so no one published his works, and the family was on the verge of physical survival.

According to Tilly's memoirs, her childhood was veryheavy. They did not have enough money even for food, not to mention buying toys for children or a TV in the house. Jennifer's main entertainment at that difficult time was the improvised performances that she arranged for her numerous brothers and sisters. It was then that the dream of becoming a famous actress was born into the soul of a little girl who pictured herself as a little princess in a poor and hungry house.

Soon, Patricia nevertheless thought better of it and threw JohnWard, having left the island. Life began to slowly improve, and at 20 years old Jennifer went to college. She never for a moment left her dream to conquer Hollywood and become a famous actress. Immediately after graduation she went to meet her dream.

As usual, in the "city of angels" no one expected her. Tilly had to work for some time as a waitress and a delivery of lunch to make ends meet.

In the big cinema she was not invited, and she decidedtry your hand at the theater. The performances with her participation immediately attracted the attention of critics. Her play in the play "Tartuffe" really liked the famous director David Baird. He immediately invited Jennifer to play a major role in his film "Burnt."

Active work began. Now about the actor's talent Tilly talked in Hollywood. For several years she appeared in several films, where her partners were stars of the first magnitude.

In 1984, Jennifer Tilly marries one of the producers of the famous animated series "The Simpsons" - Sam Simon, but in 1991 this marriage broke up.

In 1994, the actress was nominated for a prizeOscar for his work on the films "Bullets Over Broadway" and "Escape." However, Tilly became particularly famous for her role in the cult horror film The Bride of Chucky.

Tilly continues to work actively in Hollywood, but since 2005 she successfully combines acting and a professional game in Texas poker.

In the late 90's Tilly begins to meet witha professional and very successful poker player - Phil Laak. It was this man who became her true teacher and inspirer. She turned out to be a very capable student, and 2005 was truly triumphal for her. In the WSOP tournament, she won the winner's gold bracelet and $ 158,625. 602 participants participated in this tournament. In the same year, she again wins in the women's tournament series WPT.

It should be noted that before her, no woman in the world won two tournaments in one year. Tilly is rightfully considered to be the strongest female player in the world.

Tilly's natural sexuality and her extraordinaryactor's talent allow her to conduct brilliant rallies, putting her rivals to a standstill. On the game, Jennifer prefers to wear frank outfits, which can advantageously emphasize her dignity, because it is well known that she has an amazing chest.