In which countries is incest allowed?

In which countries is incest allowed?

Crimes associated with sexual promiscuity are becoming more common. In which countries is incest allowed? Legislatively, it is not banned in a number of civilized states.

In which countries is incest allowed?



Russia. This will seem strange, but according to the law incest in Russia is not forbidden. You can not marry relatives on an ascending straight line, for example, a father with a daughter, or a grandmother with a grandson. This applies to adoptive parents with adopted children. Brother and sister also can not get in touch. But nobody mentions about uncles and nieces, as about cousins ​​and cousins. Therefore, this is allowed.


Holland. This country is often spoken of as the most free in the laws. The legalization of marriages between homosexuals, the protection of their rights, the sale of light drugs - all this is standard for Amsterdam. Incest in Holland is not just allowed. Even here marriages between siblings are recognized as legitimate. The only condition for the official securing of communication is the age of lovers. The difference in it should not be more than eight years.


Switzerland. A country that has resolved incest recently. Since 2010, in this advanced state with the highest standard of living, the laws have changed. The article about the criminal responsibility for this act suddenly disappeared from the code, which led the public into indignation.


France. Whether incest is permitted in this country is a contentious issue. The Civil Code prohibits marriages between close relatives from the XIX century. But there is no mark in the law about entering into sexual relations between adults who are blood relatives. Accordingly, this is considered a personal matter of the pairs themselves.


Belgium. In this European country, forced marriages are forbidden, the violent factor is excluded a priori. But incest here is considered a fact of everyday life.


India. As a developing country, India does not prohibit incest as a form of relationship. In addition, there is not taken into account the age of majority, as is customary in civilized states.


Azerbaijan. It is possible to single out this country as the nearest to Russia. Incest is allowed not only here, but also in many other countries of the East. Especially it concerns the situation in the village. Traditions take precedence, and marriage between cousins ​​and sisters becomes the norm. Weddings are held solemnly. The ritual of demonstrating a sheet after the wedding night for all relatives is common.