In which countries of the world can you have dual citizenship

In which countries of the world can you have dual citizenship

To obtain a second citizenship, it is not required to renounce the citizenship of the home country only if the law of both states provides for such an opportunity.

Nationality of different countries

The legislation of some countries provides forsimultaneous presence of individuals of citizenship of several states. At the same time, countries must sign a corresponding agreement or agreement on settling all issues related to dual citizenship. The most common case is the dual citizenship received by children of parents who are citizens of different states.


In this country, the existence of a second nationality is notis prohibited by law. The attitude towards the holder of dual citizenship is the same as for the native Frenchman. Therefore, it is subject to the same legislative provisions.


The law on dual citizenship allows indigenousItalians acquire the citizenship of another state. When drawing up Italian citizenship from a person, the renunciation of the citizenship of the former host country is not required. It is worth noting that the law of Italy enshrines the right not only of dual, but of multiple citizenship. However, because of the numerous bureaucratic procedures for obtaining an Italian passport can take more than 10 years.

South Korea

Since 2010, the authorities of this republic have allowed individuals claiming Korean citizenship not to renounce the citizenship of another country.


First of all, the authorities of this countrystipulate the presence of German citizenship as the second for who is an ethnic German living outside Germany. Dual citizenship is also possible in cases when the renunciation of the citizenship of another country for various reasons is impossible.


A foreigner can obtain the citizenship of Ireland,if he lived in this country for more than five years. Also, those who are married to an Irish citizen have this right. And although the Irish laws do not prohibit the presence of dual citizenship, not all countries have a corresponding treaty with Ireland.


Historically, the US livesa large number of immigrants. Therefore, the US authorities decided not to prohibit the residents of the "country of immigrants" to have citizenship of other states. As for obtaining American citizenship, a foreigner can legally become a US citizen if one of his parents is born in the United States.


Australian law does not prohibitresidents of the country have dual citizenship. Foreigners wishing to become citizens of Australia, it is necessary to continuously live in the territory of this country for at least two years.