Tip 1: Who in Latvia has the right to dual citizenship

Tip 1: Who in Latvia has the right to dual citizenship

According to Mixnews, on September 6, 2012 the SeimasLatvia adopted in the second reading the law on citizenship, which remained unchanged for 15 years. It also establishes the rules for obtaining dual citizenship.

Who in Latvia has the right to dual citizenship

The Latvian Department of Citizenship andmigration results in data that until recently only 30,000 people had dual citizenship. Mostly these are Latvian citizens living in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. But the legislation in force in the country in most cases forbade obtaining dual citizenship. The new law will come into force on January 1, 2013. According to him, dual citizenship can now be deported from Latvia or emigrated from 1940 to 1990. To become citizens of Latvia at will can be persons having the citizenship of the states of the European Union or the countries that are members of the NATO bloc, as well as those living in the states that have concluded an agreement with Latvia on dual citizenship. If the country does not belong to the above, then for permission to obtain dual citizenship, a Latvian should be contacted directly by the Latvian government. The adopted law also applies to "non-citizens" residing in Latvia. According to the amendments, the citizens of Latvia will be recognized as children of "non-citizens" born after the recognition of Latvia's independence from the USSR (August 21, 1991) and permanently residing in the country. In addition, the law provides for the appropriation of Latvian citizenship for all children born in the country. It does not matter what kind of civil status they have with their parents. The only caveat is that "non-citizens" parents are required to teach the child to the Latvian language and to instill a love for the country where they live. Under the current legislation, children of "non-citizens" have the opportunity to obtain Latvian citizenship if their parents submit applications to the relevant authorities. Those who have reached the age of 15 must submit their applications independently, by attaching a certificate of possession of the Latvian language.

Tip 2: How to obtain Bulgarian citizenship

The attractiveness of Bulgarian citizenship lies in the fact that it is quite easy to obtain it, a citizen Bulgaria has the right to travel and work in the territory of the European Union, in Bulgaria low prices, this allows Russian pensioners to live in a favorable climate.

How to obtain Bulgarian citizenship



Bulgarian citizenship by birth a child receives from whom at least one of the parents (or adoptive parents) is a citizen Bulgaria. For a child under 14 years of citizenshipThe consent of both parents is required, which is submitted together with the application made by the parent-citizen. The same rule applies to the adoption of a child. If one of the parents of a child who has not reached the age of 14 takes the Bulgarian citizenship, the child receives it automatically. At the age of 14 to 18 years, the consent of the child is required.


In order to become a citizen Bulgaria by the right of naturalization (that is, the transition to citizenship of another country), it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions, according to the Law on Bulgarian citizenship. First, get citizenship only an adult who has issuedpermission for permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria at least 5 years ago. A person must also have a job or a permanent income in the territory of the country and not have tax claims. Secondly, the applicant for citizenship is required to know the Bulgarian language, and there should be no criminal cases against him. And most importantly - wishing to obtain citizenship Bulgaria must be exempt from previous citizenshipor have a certificate stating that by the time the new one is received, he will be released from the former. Thus, to obtain Bulgarian citizenship it is not necessary to have real estate on the territory of the country, but you can not have it as a second citizenship. In the event that the above conditions are fulfilled, the applicant for citizenship writes an application to the Ministry of Justice Bulgaria. The period for review of the application is from 10 months to a year.


In the event that a person who wishes to obtain Bulgarian citizenship for three years or more is married to a citizen Bulgaria or was born in the Republic of Bulgaria, to obtain citizenship, it must have a permanent residence permit for three years.


If the activity of a particular person is in the sphere of special interests Bulgaria, for example, economics, science, sport or art, then this person may be granted, exceptionally, citizenship Bulgaria Ministry of Justice Bulgaria in terms of up to two weeks.