How to use the ultraiso program

How to use the ultraiso program

UltraISO is a small but very functionalprogram for creating images and working with them. The program can create and burn CD and DVD images, as well as adjust them. UltraISO supports about 30 image formats, among them ISO, MDF / MDS, IMG / CCD / SUB and others. It is undemanding to resources. The interface of the utility has a classic look and is translated into different languages, including Russian. The program runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems

One of the best programs for creating images of disks

Interface Overview

Understand how to use the program,not difficult. When UltraIso starts, a window appears at the top of which is the "Main program menu", under it there is a "Quick Launch" panel. The workspace is divided into four parts. In the upper left corner, information about the contents of the disc open in the program is displayed. It is presented in the form of a tree-like list of folders. And at the top right, you can see a list of files in the selected folder. Detailed information about them is displayed in the lower right section. At the bottom left is a list of available drives.
Ultraiso is distinguished by its own format. It is called ISO Zipped - ISZ. Although this format can only be read with the help of the utility itself, it has become very popular, thanks to excellent data compression.

How to create a CD / DVD image

Insert your disk into the optical drive, thenrun the UltraISO application and click on the "Tools" button. From the drop-down list, select "Create CD image". The application opens a new dialog box in which you will need to specify the drive with the prepared disk and assign the path to the folder to save the image. In addition, at this stage you can select the required format - iso or, for example, alcohol. Confirm the selection by clicking the "Make" button

How to burn a CD / DVD image

To create a disk image, click onbutton "Tools" and select the menu item "Burn CD image". In this case, you need to tell the program where the folder with the files is located. And also to choose additional parameters: the method of recording (TAO - Trick At Once or DAO - Disk At Once) and speed. If the TAO method is set, only one track will be recorded per reception. If you want to write the whole disk, then you need to use the DAO method.
If Nero Burning Rom is installed on your computer, UltraISO can use the engine of this application to burn discs.

How to burn a disc

First, you need to create a disk image. To do this, it is sufficient to select the files to be written and put them in the upper right window of the program. In this case, the volume of the selected files will be shown at the top of the window. This makes it possible to ensure that the volume of files intended for writing does not exceed the disk capacity. Then click on the "File" button and select the "Save As" command from the drop-down list, specifying the place to save, the image name and the extension (iso). After the image was created, click on the "Tools" button and use the "Burn CD image" menu item. In this case, specify the recording speed and other necessary parameters.

How to open a disk image with UltraISO

Click the Tools button and select"Mount to virtual drive" menu. A window will open in which you must select the desired disk image in the "Image file" line. Then click the "Mount" button below. In addition, the application can use drives mounted in programs Alcohol 120 and Daemon-Tools. The Unmount button is used to remove a disk from the virtual drive. To open the mounted image, you need to go to the "Computer" folder and double-click on the virtual drive that appears there.
UltraIso allows you to mount eightvirtual drives. To change their number, click "Options" - "Settings" - "Virtual Drive". In the line "Number of devices", specify how many drives you want to receive.

Creating a bootable USB flash drive

To create a bootable USB flash drive, you need tohave a prepared flash drive formatted in NTFS and a pre-recorded image of the boot disk in iso format. Insert the drive into the free usb port and start UltraISO. Open the prepared image. To do this, click on the "File" button, select "Open" from the drop-down list. Now you need to go to the menu "Boot" and select the "Write a hard disk image" item. Here you need to find the letter corresponding to the flash drive, and press the "Write" key. The method of recording is best left by default - USB-HDD +.