Rosselkhoznadzor threatened Switzerland with imposing restrictions on food imports

Rosselkhoznadzor threatened Switzerland with imposing restrictions on food imports

As the correspondent of the agency RIA Novosti writesreferring to the statement of Maxim Gninenko, deputy head of the phytosanitary inspection department of the Rosselkhoznadzor, the administration of the agency does not exclude the introduction of restrictions on the supply of food from Switzerland.

Rosselkhoznadzor threatened Switzerland with imposing restrictions on food imports

Earlier, the deputy head of the department also heldmeeting with representatives of the Swiss Embassy in Russia. In the framework of bilateral talks, Maxim Gninenko informed his European colleagues that after the introduction of sanctions, the flow of imports from Switzerland has already increased about two-fold, and the supply of apples - somewhere in four hundred times.

The growth in the volume of shipmentsRosselkhoznadzor fears that through the territory of Switzerland are carrying out illegal exports of EU member countries that do not currently have access to the Russian market.

The Rosselkhoznadzor also sent a number ofrequests relating to the volume of production in the country and, accordingly, the possible size of exports. An obligatory condition is also the provision to the Russian department of phytosanitary certificates confirming the origin and safety of food products coming to Russia.

If the Swiss colleagues do not do this, thenpossibly the introduction of restrictive measures. Currently, most of the apples exported from Switzerland are sold in Russian stores as a product located in the premium price segment. That is, imported fruits are not acquired by the visitors and patrons of Pyaterochka, but rather by consumers visiting the Azbuku Vkusa, Globus Gurme, Bakhetle and retail outlets of the SPAR retailer. -

"Our apples - from Turkey, Egypt, now very muchwe buy a lot from the Krasnodar Territory. About Switzerland and its apples, I do not know anything at all, "- said Mikhail Bastrykin, the owner of a small retail outlet with fruit and vegetable products in the Moscow region of Lobnya.

In turn, a representative of one of the major"We are looking for new suppliers, but, thank God, Azerbaijan, our beloved Turkey and other countries has become very active now, but this applies to all fruits and vegetables We bought the fruits from Switzerland several times, but in small quantities, so if we do not take into consideration the general trend, a possible ban will not greatly affect our work, "the expert said.