How to organize a delivery service

How to organize a delivery service

In connection with the rapid increase in the number of ordersin online stores, the services of a professional delivery service are becoming very popular. This type of business does not require large investments and can be very interesting for start-up entrepreneurs.

How to organize a delivery service

Features of the market of courier services

Russian mail is the largest delivery servicein the country. However, this organization is working slowly and unreliable. Many companies that are engaged in mailing prefer to cooperate with alternative organizations.

The choice of organizations that deal with delivery,quite small and the prices for their services are somewhat overstated. Based on this, small courier firms can successfully compete with large companies due to an individual approach to each client, their mobility and lower prices. Prompt delivery is the key to the success of any company that operates in the courier market.

How to start a delivery service organization

Dense settlements are suitable for this type of business. In a village or a small town such a firm may burn out.

Immediately it is necessary to decide what kind of cargo you will bedeliver. In order to work with a large load, you need to acquire the appropriate transport and it is desirable to have not one car available. Therefore, you need to hire a driver (at least one) to work, to resolve the issue of paying operating costs and parking space.

Alternatively, you can conclude an agreement with a transport company or hire drivers with personal vehicles.

In your company there must be a permanent dispatcher,who will take orders. At first you can work on your phone. The main flow of orders usually arrives during working hours (from 9 to 19), however it is round-the-clock operational delivery that can become your peculiar "chip".

If you plan to handle the delivery of bulky goods, then you will need to have a crew of loaders in the state.

A competent selection of staff will helpyou avoid many problems in the future. Do not hire people from the street who will agree to work for a meager payment. You will trust them sometimes very valuable goods, for the safety and timely delivery of which is responsible for your company.

Couriers working in your company should be able to competently communicate with people, the dispatcher should be as polite, stevedores do not drink, and drivers be able to navigate the city well.

Disadvantages of courier business

As in any other field of activity, courier business has its drawbacks.

The main customers of delivery companies are privatepersons who pay your servants in cash. For such operations, it is required to purchase a special banking license, which is very difficult to obtain and is quite expensive. That's why most of the small courier companies work without a license and are very much at risk.

In this business you will often haveproblems with service personnel. In such companies there is always a great turnover of staff. To work as a courier is most often students who are often very lighthearted about their duties. For them, this work is temporary and they often violate established rules. Older people are more responsible, but, unfortunately, are not smart.

The development of your company may be hampered bynumerous competitors. For example, many restaurants carry out delivery free of charge, if the order amount exceeds a certain amount. A huge problem is the traffic jams in the central streets.

Delivery service: where to find customers

Clients of your company can become banks,who still prefer to send important documentation through courier, law firms and other organizations that send documents to their partners.

Some shipping services specialize indelivery of goods of Russian online stores and company accounts. You can try to conclude contracts with stores that specialize in the delivery of goods at home.