How to organize a business for the delivery of meals to offices

How to organize a business for the delivery of meals to offices

Delivery of meals to offices is enoughperspective direction of business. In recent years there has been a steady demand for this service. Let's try to figure out how to organize your own business to deliver dinners to offices, and what difficulties may arise at the initial stages of the formation of your business.

How to organize a business for the delivery of meals to offices

Where to begin

In order to organize the delivery of meals inoffices, you will need to rent a room that fully complies with the accepted sanitary standards. You will also need to equip the premises with quality kitchen equipment to ensure the stable work of the cooks. At the initial stage, you will have enough two cooks.

It will be necessary to have two cars in the presence. One will deliver lunch to offices, and the other will be used to travel for food. Procurement of products will have to be made almost every day, so for these purposes you can hire a special person for work, but at first you can take on this responsibility. The taste of food depends on the quality of the products, so it is better not to save on purchases.

You will also need to hire a managerOn purchases which can carry out still functions of the dispatcher and will accept orders, the courier on delivery and the cleaner. Over time, you can expand the area, hire additional staff and expand the menu.

Personnel requirements

Great attention should be paid to the cooks. It must be professionals in their field. After all, it depends on how delicious the food prepared by them depends, further prosperity and development of your business.

A person who will deal with the delivery of meals to offices must be responsible and polite, able to communicate with people.

All employees of your company must havemedical books. Do not take the first people on the street who are ready to work for a pittance. Quality food is a guarantee of a constant clientele and good reputation, which directly affects your well-being.

Where to find customers

To get started, it's better to choose one largeoffice center, where many people work. Agree on the delivery of meals to the offices can be with the secretary or office manager, leave at the reception desk menus, phone numbers and e-mail address where you can send orders.

The first time orders will not be much, but if you bring a delicious and varied food at reasonable prices, then in the near future the number of customers will start to increase constantly.

You can expand your field of activity and engage in cooking and serving banquets in the offices. This service is quite in demand, especially in large organizations, where many employees work.

Weaknesses of this business

To the minuses of this type of entrepreneurialactivities can include permanent problems with sanitary control. Inspectors of SES always find the reason for closing your company. It is necessary to constantly monitor employees and the quality of food.

However, this type of activity is very promising, especially in large cities, because in this segment of the services market there are not so many offers so far.