Free procedures in the spa - what are they for?

Free procedures in the spa - what are they for?

Visit the procedure at the spa dreamMost women. Well, when it's not just dreams, but quite feasible desires, but many do not always have enough money to afford such a procedure often enough. Such women easily agree to attend a free spa treatment.

Free procedures in the spa - what are they for?



If the customer is offered a free service orProcedure, when usually it is taken for a large enough amount of money - this is an excuse to think that the visitor will be required in return. Offering something free, the company expects that after such a service the client will trust them more. So, with more ease will agree to part with your money when you visit again. This principle is based on the conviction that the more a person feels gratitude for the provided free service, the easier it will be to enter into his trust, to present the company in a better light and present other services for a fee.


Proceeding from this, it becomes absolutely accurateit is clear why the clients are invited to the salon for a free spa procedure. You can advertise in this way the salon itself or the work of a master. Such procedure can offer new beauty salons or just moved. Of course, when, after a free procedure, the client sees how wonderfully took care of her skin, what professionals work in the salon and how near he is from her house, she will return here. Thus, the loss of money from one procedure will turn out for the salon with an increased flow of customers already in the first months of work.


However, to advertise in this way, you can notonly the services of the salon, but also the cosmetics that is used during the spa procedure. After one application of cleansing and moisturizing agents, the client can feel a favorable effect on his skin and will want to purchase these funds himself. To which such actions are just calculated. During the procedure, the beautician will tell the woman about the cosmetics, her natural ingredients, the quick effect on her skin. And then he will offer to draw up a contract for the purchase of the entire line of this cosmetic product. Of course, in this case, the price of the drug will already include the services of a cosmetologist and office rent, and the case with cosmetic means will be quite expensive.