How to lose weight properly and forever

How to lose weight properly and forever

The reasons for the appearance of excess weight are many -recent childbirth, stress, improper eating habits or irregular day regimen. Often a person immediately does not notice how quickly his appearance changes. The only reason to start struggling with extra pounds is to love yourself and respect for your body. A positive attitude is very important, one can not treat oneself with hatred, constantly reproaching for weakness. Convince yourself that you will be able to overcome your imperfections. Living in harmony with yourself is the first step to beauty and harmony.

How to lose weight properly and forever

Proper nutrition

Forget about mono-diet and hunger. Long stay on food, which does not satisfy the basic needs of the body, is unlikely to work. For example, carbohydrates - this is the main source of energy, so depriving yourself of "harmful", in your opinion products, you automatically deny yourself vigor, strength and clarity of mind.

Proteins are the basic building material for muscles, therefore their quantity in a diet should be strictly balanced. The same rule applies to fats.

For proper weight loss you need to change yourattitude towards nutrition. Do not think that you will forever forget about sweets, buns and other harmful joys of life. Just such products should act as a treat, and not make up the lion's share of your diet. Take into service fractional food, 5-6 times a day.

Take the habit of eating breakfast. The body hungry all night, so for its proper operation, it is just necessary to throw in energy. Most of the first meal should be carbohydrates, for example:

  • buckwheat:
  • oatmeal;
  • muesli with milk.

Add a little protein or fat-containing foods to the main dish. The ideal way is toast with fish, egg or chicken breast.

After 2-3 hours, organize a second breakfast. At this time, you do not have to eat, but only a little refreshment. Right now you can eat a cake or a chocolate bar.

With such frequent meals you give the body a signal about safety and that it will not remain without the necessary energy. This will lead to an acceleration of metabolism, and ultimately to the burning of subcutaneous fat.

Lunch should be full, it's soup and the seconddish. Make sure that the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates is approximately the same. After a few hours, refresh yourself with a light salad and protein food, curd or cheese.

In a dinner it is better not to include carbohydrates. Energy before bedtime is not so necessary as in the morning, but the level of sugar that can rise will make you suffer from the desire to have a snack.

To refuse from favorite, but harmful dishes was notvery painful, make a list and on one product include in the daily menu, but eat it before lunch. Proper nutrition gradually rebuild the work of the body and he himself will give up everything unnecessary.

Physical activity

You can lose weight without sports. But then your figure for a long time will be in a deplorable state from the stretched skin and relaxed muscles. To lose weight was nice and easy, choose your sport. In fact, now there are many directions for every taste:

  • tennis;
  • dancing;
  • zumba (dance gymnastics);
  • power training;
  • running or cycling;
  • Pilates;
  • yoga.

Choose a method of employment based on yourphysical abilities. Do not force the body with dumbbells, if you like to dance or prefer thoughtful yoga. In fact, any action will lead to success, it is enough to show persistence and persistence. If you do not want to practice at the gym, use the popular video lessons.

If there are no special preferences for the sportyou are not, but you are determined to achieve results and are persistent in achieving your goals, then make up your training from universal exercises. 3-4 times a week, do 1.5 hours each. Of these, about 40 minutes to give cardio, then proceed to power loads. This will allow you to burn fat, and tighten the muscle frame. In addition, you strengthen the vessels, and improve the performance of the heart and respiratory system.

If it is very difficult for you to start training,let the sport into your life gradually. Start with a little workout, then get used to more difficult exercises at a small pace. Regular sports activities will not only bring the figure in order, but also seriously improve your well-being. You will often experience cheerfulness and a burst of energy than fatigue and lethargy.

Cosmetic procedures

Pay great attention to skin care. Unfortunately, it is much slower than the volume of the body. Therefore, having grown thin, you can very unpleasantly be surprised, having noticed sagging folds and extensions. Having started to reduce weight at once start to useful cosmetic procedures. These include:

  • Exfoliating with scrub;
  • wrapping;
  • cold and hot shower;
  • moisturizing cream or oil.

You can carry out such care both in the salonbeauty, and at home. Scrub is suitable for both ready-made and self-made. For example, coffee is very popular, coarsely mixed with shower gel. For problem skin, a mixture of sea salt with soda and olive oil is suitable.

Wraps can be done with honey, clay orchocolate. Clay and honey are referred to cold procedures, they cause the vessels to become narrowed, and as a result, swelling disappears. Chocolate is needed for hot wrapping, which will improve blood circulation and improve skin tone. Take a tile of bitter dainty without additives and melt it. The received weight put on problem places and wrap up them food film. Then cover with a warm blanket, rinse the mixture after 30-40 minutes. Try to alternate the hot and cold wrap. The course of procedures should be 10-14 days. As a result, the skin will be moistened and tightened.

General recommendations

Having decided to go to the end in the matter of correct weight loss, consider several important points:

1. It is necessary to lose weight gradually, not more than 700 g per week, otherwise the body will lose muscle instead of fat.

2. It is advisable to consider the calorie content of the dishes. For correct functioning of the body, for each 1 kg of weight should account for 30 kcal. And to lose weight, reduce this amount by 20%.

3. Be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water. As it is not paradoxical, but the lack of fluid leads to edema and slagging of the body. In addition, water best displays the decay products that are formed during weight loss.

4. All the exercises that you perform during sports, should be repeated until you feel easy fatigue.

5. Having reached the necessary result, continue to eat properly and maintain a good physical shape, because to gain pounds is much easier than losing weight.