How to choose a winter hand cream

How to choose a winter hand cream

A quality hand cream in winter is the primary beauty product. It must be used in the evening and in the morning, with the ideal scenario - after each washing of hands.

Winter hand skin needs special care

In winter, the skin of hands quickly dries, andcrack and flake. Even with the regular use of creams, there can be a constant feeling of tightness and other discomfort. This really happens, but only if The hand cream was chosen at random, and not by the rules.

Choose the perfect winter hand cream

In the cold, you should give preference to creams with a more oily, nutritious texture. Do not forget to learn the label. A good cream does not have to be expensive. Do not be fooled by the popularity of the brand, better read the composition of the cream! In budget lines there are many worthyproducts. If the composition is replete with silicones, wax, synthetic oils, this cream will most likely moisturize and soften the dermis for a short time. On the withdrawal in this case should not be said.

As part of a quality cream should be present vegetable oils. For winter care are especially good butters (solid oils). These include shea butter, cocoa, coconut, macadamia.

Vitamins F, E and A make the skin much softer. They will remove and prevent peeling and irritation, accelerate the recovery of cells.

Urea, hyaluronic acid, squalene, aloe extract will help moisturize the skin. Acacia, bees and other waxes, as well as lanolin, will help to retain moisture and protect the skin from wind and frost.

Correctly apply a winter hand cream

For reliable protection of hands, it is important not only to select the correct cream, but also apply it according to certain rules.

Apply the cream only on clean and well-dried hands. It is better to do this half an hour before leaving home. During this time the nutritional components will have time to soak into the dermis and create a protective barrier.

Put on the hands of the product, like gloves. Start from your fingertips and end with your wrist. Pay attention to the interdigital spaces and the cuticle.

Remember that in winter time the skin of hands needs not only a good cream. She needs a comprehensive care, which should include massage, warm baths based on oil or paraffin.