Stretch marks on the body. Causes of appearance and ways to get rid of

Stretch marks on the body. Causes of appearance and ways to get rid of

Stretching on the body is a problem for many women. They look like scars with torn edges. At first stretch marks have a pink color, then change it to violet and only then become light. Completely get rid of them is almost impossible, but you can significantly reduce the visibility of stretch marks on the body.

Stretch marks on the body

The causes of the appearance of stretch marks on the body

In fact, stretching - cracked skin, and, therefore, toThe main reasons can be attributed changes in weight. With a sharp decrease or increase in weight, skin tissue begins to break, and new cells do not have time to restore the skin. As a result, voids are formed, which are then filled with a connective tissue. With a decrease in weight, the skin does not have time to self and quickly contract. As a result, wrinkles are formed and the skin is simply torn under pressure.

After pregnancy stretch marks - very frequentphenomenon. This is due to the fact that besides the rapid increase in the stomach, the hormonal balance also changes. As a result, stretch marks appear. Most often their localization is limited to the stomach, but in some cases, the appearance of stretch marks and on the legs.

At the genetic level, a badelasticity of the skin. As a result, even a healthy woman may suddenly have stretch marks. Therefore, noticing the streamers from relatives, it is worth starting a preventive course. Preventing is easier than curing.

With a lack of water in the body, the skin also loses its elasticity. That's why it's good to drink 1.5 liters of water a day.

Lack of protein in the body. The protein is necessary not only for the formation of muscles, but also for the elasticity of the skin. Elastin and collagen, necessary to maintain the elasticity of the epidermis, is formed due to the protein. Lack of it will lead to weakening of the skin.

How to remove stretch marks on the body

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If stretch marks have a pink or purple color,then you can still get rid of them. If they have acquired a flesh tinge, then they can be made less noticeable. To do this, you must follow certain rules and do periodic procedures and exercises.

Proper nutrition can do wonders. It is only necessary to revise your daily diet. Add protein foods, as well as eat fruits and vegetables daily. Do not forget about the water. Drink not less than 1.5 liters of water. It is water, as tea, various juices and lemonades can not feed the body properly.

A contrast shower will help to tone the skin, andwill also improve metabolism and blood supply. Do it every day. And after a shower, moisten the skin. Any creams will do. It is especially good if the composition contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, useful oils and vitamin complexes.

To improve blood circulation and skin cellsregenerated faster, you need to use peelings and soft scrubs. They will make the skin soft and supple, and also help restore normal skin color.

Abandonment of bad habits and the introduction of fitness. Smoking and alcohol have a negative impact on the body as a whole. The skin tries to remove toxins harmful to the body. But it's very hard. In order to reduce the burden on the skin you need to give up bad habits. In addition, because of smoking, cells do not saturate with oxygen and are poorly regenerated. And fitness or any other physical exertion will help to speed up blood circulation and saturation of all cells of the body with oxygen.

To even out the relief of the skin and constantly saturateskin cells, you need to use professional means from stretch marks. If there are no money for expensive drugs, then you can use popular and proven methods. For example, do wraps with algae or make a cream of mummies.