How to make a temporary tattoo at home: for stylish

How to make a temporary tattoo at home: for stylish

Beautiful, stylish and neat tattooattracts looks and attention. But decide to decorate your body, maybe not many girls, because such an "accessory" on the skin will remain for life. The ideal option is to try to tattoo your style - a temporary tattoo, made with henna. And you can do it at home, thereby saving money and time on a hike in the salon.

How to make a temporary tattoo at home: for stylish

You will need

  • - Henna
  • - a bowl
  • - water
  • - lemon juice
  • - food film
  • - ground coffee
  • - granulated sugar
  • - alcohol
  • - stencil or marker
  • - a syringe
  • - toothpick



To prepare a formulation for applying a temporarytattoos, you need to buy a special henna in the form of a powder (the one that dye your hair, will not work). The powder is thoroughly mixed with lemon juice. The resulting mass should not be too liquid, and also try to avoid clumping. The bowl with the mass should be covered with food film or any cellophane bag and let stand for at least 12 hours. If the paste is too thick, it must be diluted again with lemon juice and again let it brew.


In order to give the paint a darker color,You can add ground coffee to the mixture. The obligatory component, which is added at the very end is granulated sugar. It will help the paint stay on the skin longer. Having determined with the part of the body on which the tattoo will be applied, it must be prepared. Get rid of hair and degrease the surface of the skin with alcohol or lotion.


In advance, select the drawing that will be appliedon the skin. It is best to prepare a sketch template, cut from a thick film. If there is no stencil, the pattern on the skin can be pre-applied with a flushing marker.


To apply a tattoo from henna, you canuse different methods and techniques. Perhaps it is most convenient to apply the paint through a medical syringe without a needle. For small items, use toothpicks or matches. Also, if large areas are to be filled, use a bag with a small hole through which the compound is squeezed out.


Do not remove the stencil, let the pattern dry. Remember, the longer henna dries, the darker the tattoo becomes. After removing the stencil, gently shake off the remnants of the dried paint with a dry napkin. Fashionable tattoo is ready.


So that your new decoration lasts longer the eye andcaused envy of others, try not to rub this area of ​​skin with a washcloth in the first days, and also avoid direct sunlight, so that the picture does not darken.