Quick repair: soft wallpaper

Quick repair: soft wallpaper

In modern interiors, more and morePopular wall decoration with soft panels. Leather, suede, textile, embossed or patterned, velvet and velor - soft wallpaper gives the room a cozy and become an excellent soundproofing. At the same time, the installation of wall panels takes a minimum of time.

Soft Wallpaper

Soft wallpaper is a three-layerfinishing material. As the basis is a thin plywood or compressed cellulose, then there is a layer of foam rubber, isolone or sintepon. The thicker the padding layer, the stronger the noise and heat insulation effect, this is ideal for a bedroom, a nursery or a room with a home theater.

Finishes the decorative material, thiscan be leather, leatherette, suede, velvet, satin or any other material. When choosing, it should be taken into account that the leather and leatherette can be subjected to wet cleaning, and textile materials can only be vacuumed.

Installation soft wallpaper

Installation of soft panels does not require absolutelyNo foundation preparation, this is the fastest repair that you can think of. The walls can be uneven, with old covers and even wiring elements - soft wallpapers are all hidden.

There are three types of fastening: on the glue and on the magnets. In the first case, the glue "Liquid nails" or the like is applied to the plywood base, the panels are pressed against the wall and aged for 5-10 minutes, during this time you can still change the position on the wall. Full grasp will occur within a day.

In the event that the decision was made soft panelsfor walls to buy on magnets, to begin installation it is necessary from steel strips. They are fixed on the wall using dowels or screws. Panels are simply applied to them in the right order - at any time they can be removed or exchanged.

If the finished panel does not fit the size, itscan be reduced with a conventional hacksaw or electric jigsaw. First, detach the fabric, cut the foam to the desired size, then cut off the plywood base. Then reinstall the fabric on the back with a furniture stapler.