Advantages and disadvantages of plastic panels

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic panels

Few of us can afford expensivematerials for apartment renovation and exclusive design. The most frequent requirements for the repair of our people look like this: "to be for a long time", "so that it is pretty, and, most importantly, inexpensive". These requirements are met by plastic panels.

Advantages of plastic panels

Plastic panels (other names - plasticlining, PVC panels, siding) are panels made of polyvinyl chloride with imitation of different appearance of different natural materials, from wood, marble, to laid ceramic tiles. Of course, upon closer examination, imitation is not ideal, but the price of panels and other consumer properties redeem this disadvantage.

Experts recommend the use of plasticpanels in the decoration of almost any premises, in the event that there is no opportunity to purchase more expensive and natural materials. They can be used even in the bathroom, where the requirements for cleanliness are very high.

So, actually to the merits of plastic panels are:

  • affordable price,
  • simplicity and quick installation, because it is believed that this does not require specific skills, and the panels are easy to cut, and after installation there is no dirt left,
  • A large selection of colors and designs that manufacturers offer,
  • ease of maintenance of the panels during operation (it is recommended to simply wash the panels with usual detergents,
  • long service life,
  • fire resistance.

The disadvantages of plastic panels are few, but they are. Among them, of course, is the already mentioned appearance - the panels look "cheap" compared to the materials that they imitate.

It is also important to remember that they are installedonly on the metal profile (or wooden crate), which means that the area of ​​the room, which is planned to be finished with plastic panels, will decrease. Another drawback of plastic panels - low resistance to mechanical damage.