The best Prestige inverters

The best Prestige inverters

Welding equipment constantlyimproves to choose which inverter is best, you need to know the basic characteristics of the device, to be guided by new technologies and brands. The Prestige inverters from the Italian company ProfHelper are among the best in terms of price / quality ratio.

Welding inverter

Inverters are welding machines,in which electricity several times changes its characteristics, thanks to which it is possible to achieve high efficiency, continuous continuous operation, stable arc voltage. The decision which inverter is best to buy should be made based on the characteristics and functions of the device.

Characteristics inverters Prestige

  • From the sensitivity to the voltage in the network dependsstability of the inverter. The best Prestige inverters are equipped with a surge protection, so they can operate from 165-270 V without stopping and failing.
  • The idling voltage indicates under what conditionsThe values ​​of the welding machine can ignite and maintain the arc. It is believed that the higher this value, the better, although modern technologies make it easier to start and at low values.
  • The power of the inverter is determined by the amount of current it can supply. The Prestige has professional models with a power of more than 300 amperes and household, for which enough 200-250 A.
  • Duration of time of continuous work.

The best welding inverters Prestige

Welding inverter Prestige 181S with systemstabilization of the welding current is considered one of the most reliable. It has a light weight (8.5 kg) and at the same time is able to give excellent quality of the seam in professional hands. For a layman, the following functions will be important: Arc Forcing, Antipolarity, and Quick Start.

Welding inverter Profhelper Solution 315Sis designed for operation from a 380 V network. It is a powerful device designed for a current strength of 30 to 315 A, and an idling voltage of 67 V. This machine weighs 25 kg, so it is rather intended for professional use.

For work in garages, in cottages or smallenterprises, where voltage drops are possible, the best inverter will be Profhelper DaVinci 145P. Protection from unstable voltage and overheating allows to work also with gasoline and gas generators. Thanks to the semiconductor IGBT technology, the efficiency of the device is 98-99%.