Tip 1: Growing roses in the garden

Tip 1: Growing roses in the garden

The culture of roses is one of the oldest, its homeland is considered the country of Asia. Rose is the queen of flowers, its main advantages are variety of colors and forms of petals, aroma, duration of flowering.

Growing roses in the garden

Successful cultivation

The rose was distributed in Babylon, AncientGreece, Syria. In Greece, this flower was dedicated to the gods of love of Eros and Aphrodite. The emergence of roses in Russia date back to the 17th century. Favorable for cultivation of areas with a mild warm climate, but now cultivated roses throughout Russia.

To successfully grow roses, you need plenty oflight, heat, water, mineral nutrition. Flowers grow best in open sunny areas, intense color provides the accumulation of nutrients in them, the amicable formation of powerful shoots and buds. You can not plant flowers on excessively wet, swampy soils.

Proper soil preparation is the main conditionfor getting amicable and abundant flowering. The soil must be deeply dug up, loose, breathable. Prefers a rose rich in organic matter, weakly acidic loam.

Roses have certain periods of vegetation,top dressing will be effective at this time. In the early spring, there is an intensive absorption of all nutrients, especially nitrogen, by the plants, it is necessary for the formation of leaves and the growth of roots, shoots and buds.

When cut off shoots with flowers, it is fed with complex fertilizer. Newly formed shoots and flowers in the open ground during the season can be cut 2 times, in a greenhouse - up to 5 times.

How to choose roses seedlings

To roses pleased with their flowering for many years,the choice of seedlings should be handled responsibly. Acquire plants with an open root system - carefully examine the roots, they should be dark brown, alive, without rot. The stems should be 2-3, green or reddish brown (depending on the variety). Often shoots are covered with wax for better safety, carefully scrape off the wax, under it there must be fresh wood.

When buying in a container, make sure that the rose init grew, but was not just transplanted, pull lightly on the bush, it should not get out of the ground. Do young roots look out of the drainage holes? Perfectly! This means that the bush has a well-developed horse system. Preference is given to 1-2-year-old seedlings.

Tip 2: Is it possible to grow a rose from a seed

A beautiful flower, a rose, quite capricious forgrowing, but the effort is worth it. The queen of flowers will adorn any garden. It propagates in two ways: vegetative and seed. The vegetative method includes: bush division, cuttings and grafting. A limited number of varieties are sown by the seed method. For example: miniature rose, needle, polyanthus and others.

Is it possible to grow a rose from a seed

Seeds of roses are sold in specialized stores. You can collect them from your summer cottage or ask a neighbor who is engaged in growing flowers.

Preparation of seeds for planting

Take off the fruit in an immature state, when theirthe color becomes yellow with red patches. Gently cut the head, so as not to damage the contents, into two halves. Remove the seeds of different size and color and separate them from the pulp, it will interfere. Put the seeds in a sieve and immerse in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Get it out in 20 minutes. Piece of paper towel or other dense tissue moistened with peroxide. Lay out the seeds on top of it, cover with the same moistened piece of cloth or towels. Place the package in a tight plastic bag and seal it. Specify the date and grade of the flower on it. Store the grains in the refrigerator at a temperature of +4 or + 5 ° C. Periodically get them out and check. There may be mold. In this case, rinse the seeds, place between peroxide soaked napkins in a bag and send again to the refrigerator. After 1.5-2 months, the first shoots should appear. After this, proceed to the landing phase.

Growing roses from seeds

Seeds with sprouts are placed in a pot,filled substrate. Add a little to the surface of the perlite to protect against black leg disease. Water the soil as it dries with room temperature water. Fertilize at least once a week with special mixtures diluted in a liquid. For growth, the flower needs light 10 hours a day, so put the pot under an artificial lamp. Rose needs fresh air, air a closed room. Spray the sheets from the spray gun with cool water or dissolved fertilizer mixtures. In a week, the first shoots will appear. After 2 months buds will appear, beginning to bloom after 25-30 days. If the root system has become small, gently transplant the plant into a larger container. A strengthened rose is ready for transplanting into the ground.

Planting roses in the ground

In the spring, when the snow is gone and the warmweather, plant a rose in the ground. First, select a location. Heavy, clay soils, with ground water close to the surface, are not suitable. Grab the flower from the pot gently and soak its roots in water, you can with the addition of fertilizer. Dug up the soil, breaking the dense clods of earth and removing the roots. Make a hole and dip the roots of the rose into it, lightly press them to the base and sprinkle with soil mixed with mineral fertilizers. The soil must be well sealed. Around the dig a hole to get a small ledge. So the water will not flow, but will remain at the root system. Pour a flower and take care of it regularly, then it will bloom long and beautifully.