Popular Art Nouveau: Forged Hands

Popular Art Nouveau: Forged Hands

The goal of many contemporary artists is to shockviewer and draw attention to the subject of art. At the same time, many-valued, but strange works do not always fit well into the interior. The best option, supporting the modern style in decoration and at the same time pleasing to the eye, can be forged hands.

Forged Hands

Sculpture is difficult to understand, because itrequires the viewer's ability to see art. If the picture is facing the person, and he can immediately appreciate all of its qualities, then the sculpture must be seen from all sides. Sometimes, looking at it from the other side, you can see completely different faces, so you can rearrange or rotate it, getting a new accent each time.

Forged Hands in the interior

One of the most understandable and at the same time brightsculptures in the house or on the street can become forged hands. It can be cozy mother's hands holding a baby, a clenched fist symbolizing strength and confidence, the united hands of lovers. A large palm with different elements symbolizes custody, confidence and help in the future, it can be installed by believers. At the same time, an element of hooliganism will bring into strict design a hand showing a famous indecent gesture.

Forged hands can be either decorative ora practical element of the interior. Very stylish looks elegant hand for rings and jewelry next to the dressing table. Forged hanger in the form of a hand can decorate the hallway and complement the interior in the Art Nouveau style.

Forged or cast

It would seem that the objects cast from metalthe interior is not too different from forged. But in fact, forging gives the sculpture a unique smoothness, roundness, aging, the product looks more atmospheric and respectable. Sculptures from this material perfectly complement the forged furniture, grilles on the windows and chandeliers, creating a unified style and completeness in the interior.