How to make a good repair for an acceptable amount

How to make a good repair for an acceptable amount

Repair is an inevitability that is early orlate comes to every apartment, every house. And it always requires a lot of strength, time, energy. But especially - money, because repairs, especially good and quality, can rarely do cheap. However, this does not mean that you can not find ways to save money and get an excellent result without spending a fabulous amount.

How to make a good repair for an acceptable amount

First of all, it is necessary to draw up a detailed planrequired work and indicate in it all the desired results. This plan should be carefully thought through, down to the smallest detail, and then strictly adhere to it. After all, any change can entail additional costs.

Before starting any work, you should bypass orcall the building materials shops and create a detailed table with prices. This is necessary in order to find places where one or another material could be cheaper to buy. We can not forget about the Internet. Thanks to him you can communicate with specialists, with other people who have already done or are going to do repairs. You can get advice, practical advice, learn about those or other places where you can profitably buy building materials.

Do not buy anything "just in case" orwith a large margin. It does not matter whether it's wallpaper or tiles, or lining. After all, as a rule, each repair gives the leftovers, and they then dust in cabinets or on balconies, because "throw out a pity." Therefore, before visiting the store, you need to measure all the space to be repaired in order to know how much to buy the material.

Some work can be done without professionals. In particular, peel the wallpaper, clean the ceiling, dismantle the doors, etc. If you do it yourself, you can save a lot.

Choose a firm (or better - a team of workers) toadvice of friends or, as a last resort, on reviews on the Internet. This will significantly reduce the risk of poor repair. It is also important to conclude a contract with the firm, which will indicate the time of work and their quality. Do not be afraid to ask for a discount. If the amount of work is large, then the firm can go to financial concessions.

Quite often, the remains of wallpaper are sold instores at a reduced cost. This is another opportunity to save money. After all, it is not necessary to glue the walls with one color, it is possible to show imagination. For example, the top should be covered with lighter wallpaper, and the bottom - with dark ones. Or from above to place the wallpaper with a picture, and the lower part to draw a monophonic color.

If plastering of walls is planned before pastingwallpaper, it is better to use gypsum instead of acrylic. Will be cheaper. Windows and batteries can be painted with ordinary white paint. Or any other suitable for the color of the wallpaper. But here it is worth considering that the paint should be heat-resistant and non-toxic.

If there are no specific preferences in the choicewallpaper, it is worth paying attention to the wallpaper for painting. They are wider and longer than usual. And one more advantage of them is that after a few years (if a new repair is planned), they do not need to be re-glued, you can simply repaint it in a different color.