Interior design in American style

Interior design in American style

Typically, the American style in the interior of the houseor apartments are preferred by people with wide enough views, not alien to bold experiments and not afraid to depart from classical design traditions.

American style in the interior

The main features of the American style are practicality, functionality and simplicity, born from a rather bold interior eclecticism.

Such a mixture of style nuances is a consequence of the interweaving of many cultures and national traditions brought to America by immigrants from other countries.

Space, light and air are typicalfeatures interior, decorated in American style. Large windows, the lack of numerous partitions, visual zoning of the premises - these methods create a sense of spaciousness.

Decoration Materials

The effect of high cost and solidity of the situationis achieved through the imitation of natural finishing materials, "wooden" stairs are most often made of particleboard, wall panels - from MDF, "marble" countertops - from artificial stone.

The color scheme of the American interior can be any: admissible as gentle pastel shades, and bright, saturated colors.

When decorating the walls, it is often found that the lower part is decorated with wooden panels, the top - wallpaper with a floral or simple geometric pattern.

The leaflets of the windows often have classic bindings, are decorated with platbands and other overlaid decorative elements.

Doors are most often found paneled, producing the effect of massiveness and solidity.


A distinctive feature of the American style is the absence of partitions between the kitchen, rooms and hallway, as well as a large window located in front of the sink.

The role of the dining table, as a rule, is performed by the bar counter, while the table itself is usually located in a spacious living room.

Another characteristic feature of American cuisine is a huge amount of modern home appliances and a powerful hood that prevents foreign smells from entering the rooms.

American style kitchen

Living room

The living room should be bright and roomy, allowing you to organize friendly parties or family gatherings.

For these purposes, a large sofa, several comfortable armchairs, a dining table and a large TV set are placed in the room.

Quite often, adherents of classical traditions prefer to place in the living room a real fireplace, which is a symbol of coziness and home warmth.

When decorating a living room, usually used light colors: white classic ceiling, cream wall panels, white window frames.

interior living room in American style


The bathroom, decorated in American style,is usually a very spacious room, necessarily having at least one large window. For finishing the floor, tiles of muted tones are usually used.

Bath often installed on a small podium, cleaned by wooden panels or use a classic style: a bath on the intricate legs, standing directly on the tiled floor.

To give the decoration additional comfort oftenthe room is decorated with live plants or cut flowers, hangs small beautiful lamps and unfolds on the shelves neatly folded colored towels.

american style bathroom


An indispensable attribute of the American bedroom is a massive bed, made in the classical style. On both sides of the bed are bedside tables with bedside lamps, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe.

As a decoration of the bedroom, small bouquets of fresh flowers are used, creating a vivid accent on the background of muted or light colors of finishing materials, furniture and textiles.

As a floor covering, soft carpets with high pile are used, which muffles the steps. The color of the carpet should be combined with the coloring of the remaining elements of the bedroom design.

american bedroom