Tip 1: Choosing wood for building a dwelling house

Tip 1: Choosing wood for building a dwelling house

The construction of comfortable housing starts withthe right choice of material, which is especially important when building wooden houses. With the right choice of building materials and well-chosen technology of construction, the building will be able to serve without a major overhaul for quite a long time.

Selection of wood for the construction of a residential house

Most building materials made fromwood, have good strength and light weight. The walls of the house, built of wood materials, should be strong, suitable for long-term use, with reliable sound insulation. The house should be able to maintain a suitable temperature for comfortable living. But the tree has its drawbacks: instability to ignition, shrinkage, danger of deformation, which can be manifested in the first years after construction.

Since the log buildings are now being builtvery, very rarely, it makes sense to consider the possibility of building a house from a bar. Materials can be purchased both in cubic meters, and already ready for building a house. In this case, the bars will already be trimmed to the size of the customer. The house can be stacked like a designer.

When preparing materials independentlycarefully treat the condition of the wood. It should not have through cracks, damage by bark beetles or other beetles. The logs must be cut as evenly as possible, and the material treated with special antiseptic compounds.

Before you order a bar for constructionat home, it is necessary to determine not only its quantity. Depending on the climatic conditions of the site, it is necessary to determine which species of wood to pay the most attention to.

The possibility of finishing is to be taken into accountbuilt from the beam of the house, the cost of delivering the material to the construction site was calculated. For example, the cost of delivery of a profiled beam, to which the cost of the material itself is added, can be much more expensive than if you order the delivery of unprocessed timber from the nearest sawmill. Of course, in this case it will be necessary to additionally conduct wood processing with chemical compounds that protect the timber from decay and the appearance of insects. But even in this case the material can do much cheaper.

Tip 2: Making the front gardens around the house

In the private sector, an important role in the design of landscape design is played by the arrangement of the front garden, representing the face of your home territory, seen by people walking from the gate to the dwelling.


While developing the design of the front garden,it is necessary to understand that the design should be carried out taking into account the general style, as well as the appearance of the entire site and, of course, the most residential building. This house territory should not be excessively allocated against the background of the general landscape. Everything looks good when there is a certain harmony between the vegetation and the fence, as well as the architecture of the residential building itself. If this site is designed for a house somewhere in the village, then in this case it is possible to make a fence of wood that will only emphasize some kind of rustic style . When the front garden is made out in the city, the best solution will be the use of a green hedge from an evergreen boxwood or the installation of a forged fence.

Determining the type of device frontage

Having decided on the issue of fencing the local territory,you need to decide on the type of front garden. These territories are closed and open type. When settling a small front garden it is better to choose the second option, that is, make it open, easily visible. But when a large such a landscape object has significant geometric dimensions, it should rather be done in closed execution. If you are planning to equip the flower garden, it should be located in front of the fence. If the adjacent street is close to the house, a closed front garden is used. This is how you can hide from dust, as well as street noise with the help of sufficiently dense landings.

Choice of colors for the front garden

As for the choice of colors for this localterritory, everything will depend on the exterior of the front garden. First of all, you need to choose flowers that correspond to the size of its area. The site is small - plant flowers with fairly large leaves and bright saturated colors. This is done to visually increase the area. In such gardens, flowers of blue, lilac or purple tones are planted. In addition, you can use a climbing plant. With a large area of ​​the front garden you can arrange flower beds of small flowers, but to plant them densely and a lot. In this case, you get color spots that perfectly perform the role of landscape decoration. Having picked the right plants, you can get a beautiful view not only of the site, but also of the adjacent dwelling.

Tip 3: Drawing up the project of frame-panel houses

Frame-panel houses have many advantagesbefore other designs. They are environmentally friendly, do not require the construction of a solid foundation, are resistant to loads, practically do not give shrinkage. These houses are also very easy to install. The construction of the frame-panel type house should begin with the drawing up of a special project in which all the features of the construction technology will be provided.

Drawing up the project of frame-panel houses

Advantages of frame-panel houses

To the distinctive features of frame-panelhouses should be attributed good thermal conductivity, seismic stability and economy. But the main advantage of them in comparison with elite cottages, undoubtedly, consists in simplicity of erection of a design. Installation of such a house can be done in the shortest possible time, with a small cost of materials and labor. The main thing that must be taken into account during construction is strict adherence to technology and following project documentation.
The construction of a frame-panel type house can be carried out at any time of the year.
Most often project development and installationframe-panel houses are specialized construction companies. Such production associations distribute free catalogs of ready-made standard projects, have proven technologies and special developments. But it happens that in a particular case, a ready project, put up for sale, does not satisfy the customer. Often you need to take into account the topographical, climatic and seismological features of the site allocated for building. If you want to get a frame-panel structure that exactly meets your needs and requirements, and corresponding to financial opportunities, you can not only instruct the construction organization to develop an individual project, but and perform part of the design work yourself or with the help of an expert in the field of architecture. To become the owner of the project for free, perhaps, will not work. However, the overall cheapness of production and installation of prefabricated frame-panel structures allows customers to allocate a portion of the funds for designing a house with an individual layout to their liking.

How to design a frame-panel house

Houses of frame-panel type can be differentby size, number of storeys and layout. The type of the base of the house, the type of the roof and the facing of the walls can also be different, not to mention the final exterior and interior decoration. For areas with a prolonged cold season, an additional house warming system may be provided. All these issues need to be considered and solved already at the stage of drawing up project documentation. Those developers who decided to build a frame-panel house on their own should begin work with the preparation of a technical solution. Not everyone will be able to create a professional house project in full, taking into account construction and design standards, but even a layman can make a technical solution suitable for erecting a building. To start, you need to select the scale of the schematic image, for example, 1: 100 or 1:50 . On a large sheet of paper on a selected scale, the outlines of the house are drawn, inside the area of ​​which are distributed living rooms, utility rooms and utility rooms. The minimum sizes of rooms according to the standards are: for the kitchen - 5 sq.m, for the bedroom - 6 sq.m, for the living room - 12 sq.m. It should also take into account the vertical dimensions of the room. The height of the ceilings in the house should not be less than two and a half meters. If the house has a staircase leading to the attic, then the width of the staircase should be about a meter, and the slope should not exceed 45 degrees. In the living room, in the bedroom and in the kitchen, sufficient natural lighting should be provided. It should be provided on the windows of the transom or ventilation window for airing rooms. When calculating the area of ​​windows, you can use both building standards and your requirements for natural light.
The living room is more suitable for south-western and western lighting, and for the kitchen - from the north.
Skeleton-panel house is conveniently divided into a bedroomand daytime functional areas. If there is an attic in the project there it is convenient to arrange a bedroom, taking the lower level of the house under the daytime zone. Taking into account these recommendations, a detailed scale plan of the future house is drawn on paper. It is a view of the entire structure at a level of one meter from the floor surface if you cross the house with an imaginary horizontal plane. The foundation of the house is drawn separately along the entire width, the coordinate axes that play the role of marking are placed on it. Further, the contours of the walls are drawn, internal partitions, the locations of the ventilation openings and heating devices (ovens, fireplaces, boiler, etc.) are marked. The windows and doors that are supposed to be displayed in the last turn are drawn open on the plan. The project of the frame-panel house can also include the image of all the facades of the building, the sections of the house in the vertical plane, the layout of the rafters and the roof, setting overlaps. When you think of the final version of the project at home, correlate it with the possibilities of using those or other materials. Modern frame-panel houses are usually built by Canadian or German technology, the difference between which is to choose the material for the frame. The Canadian option involves the use of natural wood, and in German technology, metal elements are used.

Tip 4: The porch of a wooden house - nice and comfortable

Porch is an attribute of a wooden house,which should produce a good impression. It not only frames the entrance, but also emphasizes the style of the living quarters. Also, the porch protects the door from the effects of the environment and can sometimes act as an entrance hall.

Porch of the wooden house

What can be the porch of a wooden house

In fact, the porch of a wooden house is a binderlink between him and the street. For fans of enjoying natural landscapes, this attribute of living space can be an excellent protected area. Of course, there are wooden houses without it. But mostly we are talking about old buildings. Now it would be difficult to find a modern wooden house without a comfortable porch, which emphasizes its beauty and aesthetics. In a wooden house, the porch can be closed or open, large or very small. Here everything depends on the taste preferences of the owners. True, the size of the house should also be taken into account in the process of building the porch. Somewhat ridiculously it will look like a small porch of a very large structure. Materials for its manufacture can be very different - brick, metal or wood. If desired, you can combine different elements. The main thing is to see to it that everything looks harmonious. In many modern houses in the railing there are forged elements, due to which they look very rich and exquisite. It is believed that the porch of the wooden house should still be made of the same material. If we talk about design, nowadays the Slavic and the European type are especially popular. The latter is characterized by the use of glued beams. Well and at a choice of Slavic type it is necessary to use a qualitative rounded bar.

Nuances of the construction of the porch

Even before the construction of the porchA wooden house will require a fairly solid foundation. True construction can be already old, when there is a desire to make a porch. In this situation, you can simply put special props. With their help you will avoid skewing the design of the porch. Also it can be attached to the house with the help of bars. Well, if the steps of the porch are cut from the wooden material - this is the best option, since the house is also wooden. Only wood must necessarily be treated with antiseptics. This is especially true if the habitat is characterized by frequent precipitation. As for sex, it should be laid with a slight bias. Then, in case of heavy rain, all water will drain from the porch, and not vice versa. When erecting the porch of a wooden house, take into account the fact that it is not just an ornament, but also performs many useful functions.