Top 5 mistakes in bedroom design

Top 5 mistakes in bedroom design

Since the bedroom is a resting place for the body andthe soul of a person, it is very important that its furnishings and design contribute to this. Often in this room, there are errors that later prevent you from relaxing. We present to your attention the top 5 mistakes made in the design of the bedroom.

Top 5 mistakes in bedroom design

The main problem of many modern sleepingrooms - this is cluttered, an abundance of unnecessary furniture. Judge for yourself, does this room require stools, walls of the Soviet era, carpets on the walls? Necessary furniture is a bed, a wardrobe, a dressing table with a mirror and a bedside table. All the rest only takes up space.

Mirror ceiling and walls used in the bedroomit is undesirable. Long ago, our ancestors talked about the extraordinary power of mirrors, there are a lot of fortune-telling and rituals with their use. Well, modern psychologists say that the mirror ceiling in the bedroom just will not let you relax for real, because you will feel uncomfortable.

The shades for the bedroom should be chosen legibly. Refuse from cold and acid colors. The first can cast a sorrow on you, and the second will sooner or later start to irritate.

Bright carpets - this is another mistake that visually reduces the space inside the room. The larger your room is in size, the more free you will feel.

It is also worth noting the cumbersome and pretentiouschandeliers, which attract excessive attention. This detail of the interior will look good in spacious dining rooms, but not in such an intimate room as the bedroom.

Comfort in the bedroom can be created with the help of beautifulpaintings, photographs, quiet shades, beautiful draperies. Look for your inspiration. Lay out soft pillows on the bed, place a soft sheepskin in the center of the room, put flowers.

Remember that the bedroom design sets the mood for the whole day. Agree that waking up in a well-furnished room, the mood immediately becomes a little better.