How to choose a leather parquet

How to choose a leather parquet

Leather parquet is a real luxury forexclusive interior. To create a top layer, natural compressed leather is used, while the strength and durability of this parquet is not inferior to a quality laminate.

Leather floor coverings

Leather parquet is a multi-layerconstruction. As a basis, HDF panels are used, a cork substrate is added to improve soundproofing and thermal protection properties, and the top layer is made of genuine leather. The thickness of the HDF plate is 6 mm, the cork layer is 4 mm, the leather covering is 2.5 mm.

In production or after installation, the floor is coveredseveral layers of varnish, guaranteeing resistance to abrasion and fading. In the varnish can be added dust or crumb corundum - in this case, the coating is even more durable. Alumina increases the strength and makes the surface less slippery.

How to choose a leather parquet, depending on the installation method

  • Slabs with lock fastening
  • Parquet laying
  • Tiles of various shapes for gluing to the base

Deciding to buy leather parquet for your home oroffice, you should pay attention to the texture of the skin. It should be combined with other elements of the interior, with furniture and textiles. The tiles are glossy and matte, embossed and corrugated. The most popular decoration is "under the snake", "under the elephant" and "under the crocodile".

Manufacturers of leather parquet

Currently there are not manyfirms-manufacturers of a leather parquet. They are Corkstyle and CorkLeather from Switzerland, Elite from Austria, and also German Veledo. They guarantee real European quality, unsurpassed style and luxurious appearance of leather cover.