How to choose an outdoor vinyl cover

How to choose an outdoor vinyl cover

Modern floor vinyl coveringsmake it easy to imitate wood, marble, ceramic tiles, laminate, bamboo and even mosaic made of valuable wood. And even specialists are difficult to distinguish at first glance, the original before them or a quality and practical vinyl.

Vinyl coating laminate

Among the advantages of vinyl flooring -practicality, water resistance, durability. At the same time, it does not crack from high humidity, like a natural tree, does not crack when a heavy object falls, like ceramics, and does not give off cold when touched, like marble. To the touch the floor can be any - smooth, rough, matte, with a shallow texture.

Types of flooring vinyls

  • Square or rectangular tiles, bright juicy colors or imitating tiles.
  • Long boards, the so-called vinyl laminate. This option is suitable for a living room or bedroom, the tree structure is perfectly repeated.
  • Roll coating, with its help you can very quickly close large areas of the surface.

Laying of floor vinyl cover

Installation of the floor does not require special preparation -The surface should only be smooth enough and smooth. On the tiles you need to apply glue, lay them on the chosen place and roll with a roller for a more snug fit. Even more convenient in the installation of self-adhesive quartz-vinyl coating. On the back of each tile has already been glued, you just need to remove the protective film.

Disadvantages of vinyl flooring

Before you buy a vinyl cover, you shouldmake sure there is no toxicity. European brands are concerned about the environmental friendliness of their products, but some Chinese manufacturers may not pay too much attention to this.