Shebbie style in the interior

Shebbie style in the interior

The style of "shebbie chic" in the interior is a luxury andgrace, on which time has left its mark. Romantic and expressive style is meant to emphasize the old chic and adherence to family traditions, for which the interior uses old or artificially aged pieces of furniture and decoration materials.

Interior of the sheb

Interior design in the style of "shebbie" implies the use of stylish, high-quality and even chic things that bear traces of long-term use: faded, worn, defective.

Eclecticism isimpression that the furnishings were purchased at different times by several generations of the family. But it is very important to observe a number of rules that are typical for this style:

Decoration Materials

When choosing the color scheme for decorating and decorating the room, preference should be given to soft colors: pastel pink, soft white, cream, ivory, pale blue.

The walls can be plastered and whitewashed or painted with a mild paint with an imitation of cracks. The wallpaper can have a small non-geometric pattern of a dull color - like burnt in the sun.

Shebbie Chic in the Interior

The ceiling must look lost its whiteness- for this purpose the color is perfectly suited to the color of ivory. Sometimes fans of this style add imitation of cracked and slightly peeling paint. For the decoration is ideal fretwork with angels, rosebuds and gilded ornament.

Flooring style "shebbie chic" recognizes onlyWooden, having abrasions and other signs of old age cover. It is allowed to use artificially aged parquet, and in the kitchen or in the bathroom - tile with chips and cracks.


The ideal solution for a bedroom is a bed with elegant metal backs or made of solid wood with a complex carved pattern.

All the rest of the furniture should be no less luxurious and pompous: decorated with carvings, paintings, gilding. The most preferred color for furniture is white.

For decoration of furniture can be used covers, bedspreads, capes, decorative pillows - necessarily muted tones, with ruffles, flounces, embroidered roses and figures of angels.

Shebbie style in the interior of the apartment


The curtain fabric must necessarily be expensive, making an impression. The monophonic light fabric drapes into complex folds, is decorated with intricate lambrequins, brushes, satin ribbons.

Any traces of time on the curtains are welcome - slight rubbing, sunburned patches, a little shabby brush, etc.

Interior details

Supplement and complete the formation of the style of "Chebchic "individual elements of the interior: a picture in a shabby frame, an old mirror with a slightly blurred surface, darkened chandeliers, vintage watches, porcelain dolls, shabby caskets, lamps, etc.

style cheby chic

Invalid style items

Despite the huge opportunities, the style of "shebbie"has a number of limitations: it is inadmissible to use bright, saturated hues; It is important to avoid zoning of living quarters with the help of color transitions; It is not recommended to use a geometric pattern in decoration and ornaments.

In order not to confuse the chic with the spiritually "Provence", when decorating the interior it will be necessary to abandon the use of dried bunches of herbs and flowers.