What kind of coating to choose for a kitchen floor

What kind of coating to choose for a kitchen floor

To get a good sound floor in the kitchen,You should carefully consider the choice of flooring. If the kitchen is a functional room, preference is best given to the practicality of the material. If the kitchen is used only to boil coffee in the morning and boast guests with an exquisite design, then when choosing the material, you can first pay attention to its appearance.

What kind of coating to choose for a kitchen floor

The ideal floor for the kitchen is a waterproof surface that is well cleaned, strong enough and looks into the overall design of the room.

Most often the kitchen floor in modern apartmentscover with linoleum. The material is resistant to wear, slightly susceptible to hot steam and moisture, well washed. It has a low cost, and the simplicity of laying allows owners to do all the work themselves and save thus on the services of hired workers. This coating is offered in a wide range of colors, among which you can choose a good option for any demanding tastes.

Ceramic tiles have a stronger surface,it is not subject to wear and tear, is not afraid of the effects of household chemicals or humidity. Due to its decorativeness, the kitchen can be decorated in a variety of styles - there are, for example, types of tiles, imitating the skin, wood, expensive finishing stone. For the kitchen floor, it is better to choose a tile with a matt surface that minimizes the possibility of slipping on it. Disadvantages of ceramic tiles - cold surface and brittleness.

If you prefer wooden flooringcovering, to services of consumers there was already and a wooden tile. When buying it is better to give preference to more solid wood species - deciduous. Treated in accordance with the required characteristics, wood is able to repel water, does not warp, does not swell, its appearance does not deteriorate due to a change in humidity or temperature.

For flooring kitchen use andlaminate - a material based on dies from fiberboard or chipboard, which is pasted paper with a picture. The pattern most often imitates wood, but there are many other options. This material has a warm surface, easy to care for, easy installation. But because of the base material does not belong to the category of moisture-proof, so when installing it in the kitchen you will need to observe certain operating conditions.

Self-leveling floors made of polymer materials are veryrarely installed in the kitchen - they cost a lot. But those who decided to take such a step, hardly regret it - the liquid floors are characterized by excellent moisture resistance, durability and ease of maintenance. They are able to become not an addition, but the main element in the interior of the kitchen. Under the glossy polyurethane surface, you can arrange any kind - from decorative shell, pebble mosaic panels to 3D 3D images. The use of self-leveling floors allows the implementation of a wide range of design solutions.