Tip 1: Decorating the house for the New Year

Tip 1: Decorating the house for the New Year

The house, decorated for the most family holiday in the year, looks not only very elegant, but also very cozy. Approach this issue correctly, and then in the apartment there will be a real fairy tale.

Decorating the house for the New Year

The old European tradition is to hang a wreath atdoor, is relevant today. If you have the opportunity to get out into the forest, then you will definitely take some fir branches from there. At home, put them in a circle and fasten them with a wire. As an ornament, you can use Christmas toys. You can make a more original wreath of sweets. You will need a foam ring, which is fastened with candy to super-glue. Such a wreath is decorated with tinsel.

Holiday thoughts you will definitely visitsnowflakes, which can decorate mirrors and windows of a dwelling. Sit in the evening and cut out of paper such beauty. Mount it to the surface with a double-sided tape or a soap solution.

On the windowsills, you can expand the tinsel, which will be framed with candles, cones and Christmas-tree toys.

Festive mood for you and your guests will create cute little things that will be located throughout the house. For example, take a nice flat dish and put it in it defrosted cranberries, decorated with candles. Arrange in the house bowls with ginger cookies, candies and tangerines. If you have a small needlewoman growing up in your houseor playful little boy, then together you can devote an evening to the development of a beautiful New Year's poster. Take a sheet of Whatman paper and gouache carefully deduce the wishes to all members of your family. You can hang such beauty on the wall or the door.

A festive Christmas tree is to be dressed up with imagination. Let the course go all that you want: cones, tinsel, candy, gingerbread, large Christmas balls, toys.

Try to move away from the usual decor, reflect on this topic, find inspiration and then in your home will be warm and cozy.

Tip 2: The main stages of creating an artificial pond with your own hands

Recently, among the owners of suburbanhouses there is a steady tendency to create on the sites of different reservoirs. There is nothing surprising in this, after all, even the smallest pond can become the main ornament of the site. How to create an artificial pond with your own hands, so that he not only pleased with his appearance, but also did not cause much trouble in terms of leaving?

a pond with your hands on the site photo

Selecting a form

Before you begin to build an artificial reservoir in the dacha with your own hands, decide on the form - it is selected depending on the general style of the site and the buildings on it.

If all facilities are made in a strict classical style, the pond must have the right shape: an oval, a circle, a rectangle.

In the case of a free landscape version of the design of the site, the reservoir can have any shape with soft outlines - ideally it should be as close as possible to the natural one.

Select a location

Before you ask yourself how to make a pond in your dacha with your own hands, consider where it will be located. The choice of location is directly affected by the type of pond.

For a simple pond or a fountain, an even surface will fit, and for a stream or a waterfall a hilly area is needed.

It is desirable that the trees and shrubs are not too close to the pond, otherwise because of the fall of the leaves it will often have to be cleaned.

Substrate material

The next stage of creating an artificial pond with your own hands is the installation of the base. There may be several options.

The simplest is the purchase of the finished form. It can be made of plastic or fiberglass.

The second fastest installation method is coatingbowl of the pond with film. It can be polyethylene (with a service life of 1-2 years) or polyvinyl chloride (for 10-12 years). Sometimes tiles or stones are placed on top of the film.

The most laborious, but economical option - pouring concrete.

And, finally, the most expensive, but durable material for fixing the bottom and edges - liquid rubber. Such a foundation will serve up to 50 years. The only negative - when laying will have to resort to the services of a specialist.

Landscaping of a decorative pond

Landscaping of the reservoir is made by planting aquatic plants supporting it in the oxygen balance.

Outside the perimeter, you can place any decorative greens, most importantly, drop it in containers.

Decoration of an artificial pond

The final stage of creating a pond is its decoration.

Often for decorating the rims, mounds of stone or shells are used.

Depending on the size of the reservoir, it can be supplemented with a small fountain or streamlet.

In the role of the pond decoration in the garden can act artificial plants, and the necessary accents can be arranged using sculptures or small plaster figures.

Elegant looks additional lighting, installed both under water, and along the shore of the reservoir. There is complete freedom of creativity.

Tip 3: How to decorate the window before the New Year

On New Year's Eve, the house has a special atmosphere. Silvery snowflakes, the smell of fir branches and tangerines, the sounds of bells - this all creates an incredibly festive mood. The frost habitually draws intricate patterns on the windows, but those who have installed metal-plastic windows, will have to forget about the creativity of the frost-artist and independently start to decorate the windows and window openings.

How to decorate a window before the New Year

You will need

  • - glue gun, wire ring, spruce branches, decor elements, thick thread
  • - plastic bottles, acrylic paint, scissors, tapes
  • - small capacity, foam rubber, toothbrush



Coniferous wreath - a popular New Year attribute,which migrated to us from European countries. For the base of the wreath, take the ring of strong wire. In order for the decorative element to be voluminous, lay pine or fir branches overlap.


Decorate the wreath can be painted in golden or silver color with pine cones, nuts, artificial flowers, unbreakable balls. Fasten all elements with an adhesive gun.


In addition to the wreath make a goldenbells. For their manufacture, take plastic bottles of small volume, cut the bottom parts, and the top paint with acrylic paint of the chosen color. After drying in a stopper, make a hole and thread the tape. Decorate the bottles with ribbons.


To decorate the glasses you can use artificial snow, if you are used to decorating your apartment with improvised means, use toothpaste and sugar.


To make a "tool" a piece of foam rubberwrap tape so that it is convenient for you to hold it in your hands. A small amount of toothpaste squeezed into a prepared container and add a little water. If you overdo it with water, the "paint" will turn out to be too liquid and stains will form on the glasses.


Dipping the foam sponge in the toothpaste, apply a pattern with patting movements. Similarly, it is good to draw snowdrifts and snow.


If you have a stencil of stars, toys orsnowflakes, attach it to the surface of the window, draw a small amount of toothpaste diluted with water on the toothbrush, point it towards the window, bend the bristles and slowly release. After the entire surface of the stencil is filled with droplets, remove the stencil.


Add sparkle to the image will help the sugar added to the toothpaste. After drying on the glass under the sun, it will sparkle with the smallest crystals, creating a three-dimensional image.


If after holidays you do not want to stay longwash windows from festive art, create a thread curtain. Prepare golden threads as long as the distance from the ledge to the floor. On the cardboard draw angels, fir-trees, asterisks and bells. Cut out the details in pairs and glue them directly on the thread. Between them, in free order, place the beads and small Christmas toys. To tighten the curtains at the ends tie large beads.