Cleaning for glory

Cleaning for glory

Before the holiday, the hostess starts a hot season- it's time to do a general cleaning in the house - all to rip off, clean, wash. To clean up succeeded to glory and did not turn into hard work, we must adhere to some rules.

Cleaning for glory



To begin with, do an audit of things, take twogarbage bag and walk through the rooms. In one go things that fit the definition of "to throw", and put the other that lies not in its place. From a thing you do not use for more than a year, you can safely get rid of. The second step is to remove dust, do it from the top down, otherwise the dust from the ceiling will settle on what has already been cleaned. When removing dust with a vacuum cleaner, keep the brush from the ceiling a few centimeters away, so that no strips remain.


Wipe the chandelier with an antistatic cloth, ifit accumulated a lot of dust, disassemble it and rinse with warm water and dishwashing detergent. Wet a rag through the shelves of cabinets, household appliances, tables, chairs. That the dust does not settle on furniture, treat it with an anti-static spray and you can forget about a month about dust.


For washing windows, both household chemicals andtime-tested home remedies. Glasses will shine if you wash them with water with ammonia, 2 liters of water - 3 tbsp. spoons of ammonia. To wash the plastic, add "Mr. Proper" to the water. Wash the curtains in the washing machine, choose a gentle spin. Hang them wet, shaking well.


The present dust collector is a battery. You can clean them with a toothbrush or a dishwashing brush. To restore the gloss tile, wipe it with water and vinegar, and then wipe dry. Vacuum the carpet, moving first in the direction of the pile, then across. My floor, especially carefully wash the corners and plinth.