Selecting a tile in the bathroom

Selecting a tile in the bathroom

Repair is always a great stress and hassle,Related to various issues. In which color to paint the wall in the corridor, laminate or parquet floor in the bedroom, how to choose a tile in the bathroom? But on the tile today and stop.

Selecting a tile in the bathroom

The best finish for a bathroom is,of course, ceramic tiles. Pottery has many advantages. It is eco-friendly, easy to clean, not afraid of water, microbes and dust. To all these pluses it is worth adding that the tile has a low electrical conductivity, and since the bathroom is always wet, this argument is quite weighty "for".

When choosing ceramic tiles,a few basic criteria. You need to pay attention to the inside of the tile, which should not have pores. The bathroom has high humidity, and therefore the finishing material, in your case ceramics, will absorb moisture. Substandard, porous tiles will not last for a long time, because it will be filled with moisture and will simply move away from the wall.

The inside of the ceramic tile should nothave bumps and irregularities. If you look and you have low-quality material on your hands, then you will come across the fact that the ceramics will not be fastened to the wall, and the near future will begin to disappear altogether.

"Meet on clothes, and see off on mind" - "An old well-known proverb that works in our time. Personally check the quality of the drawing on the tile. It should not be dull or uneven. Uniform saturation and brightness are the first indicators of quality products.

Ceramic tiles have a specialclassification. If you are finishing the bathroom, then you will use ceramics class I, but for example, for areas with frequent patency, such as a kitchen, is perfect class III.

An important point is the differences between the tilesFor floor and walls. The first is designed for more heavy loads, ready for shock and constant pressure. On the package from under the tile is always a symbol - hand and foot.

Among the ceramic factories, especially appreciate Italy,Spain and Slovakia. In shops, tiles from Turkey are also often found, which gradually conquers the hearts of customers, because it offers a rich choice, good quality and affordable price.

Relying on these tricks you will surely make a good choice!