How to get rid of mold in the apartment forever

How to get rid of mold in the apartment forever

Mold on the walls and ceiling - not a rare phenomenon,Which is fraught with many problems. The disgusting appearance and unpleasant smell is just part of the disaster, the harm of black mold for human health is great.

How to get rid of mold in the apartment forever

Mold every minute produces a hugethe number of spores that get into the inhabitants of the house in the respiratory tract, food and eat into the skin. Highly toxic spores at best threaten the appearance of fungus on the human body. The weaker your immunity, the more frightening the actions of the spores that get into the body.

Mold appears in the apartment thanks toConstant humidity, which could arise due to errors during the construction of the house or errors associated with the wrong choice of material for insulation. That's why it's hard to get rid of mold forever, and most methods help to temporarily improve the situation.

There is only one method that will give a chanceget rid of mold in the apartment forever - find a specific reason for its occurrence. First of all, it is necessary to process hydrogen peroxide of mold formation. Pour the peroxide into the atomizer and spray the affected areas. After an hour, remove the mold with a napkin. If you stop at this place, sooner or later your problem will come back to you, because the cause has not been eliminated yet.

In the course are radical methods. It is necessary to completely remove the finishing material, if there are neoplasms under it, then they should be removed by the method suggested above. After that, we look for the cause of the appearance of mold:

  • If the walls freeze, then it is necessary to install external insulation;
  • If the water is constantly running down the wall, you need to come up with and install a special drain;
  • If the room is constantly damp, then it is necessary to conduct waterproofing and insulation. As a rule, those tenants who live right above the basement suffer;
  • Think of quality heating and regular airing of the room.

Once all the steps to eliminate the cause are carried out, the surface must be treated with an antifungal primer.

Remember, to defeat black mold forever, you must act so radically. Only in this way will you achieve the desired result.