Garden greenhouses: types, features, application

Garden greenhouses: types, features, application

For growing vegetables, thermophilic berrycrops and seedlings, garden greenhouses are widely used. Their main feature is the ability to stably maintain a certain microclimate, which is necessary for normal growth and development of plants.

Garden greenhouses: types, features, application

The most popular materials for manufacturinggreenhouses - polycarbonate, polyethylene, glass. Each of them has certain characteristics. Thus, the structure of polycarbonate can boast of high strength, heat-insulating properties and excellent light transmission. This option is suitable for year-round use. Another plus of such a construction is mobility, because if necessary it can simply be moved to another location. In addition, the plastic hothouses do not leave gardeners indifferent even because of their design, they actually look very carefully on the site.

The disadvantages of polycarbonate greenhouses include theirhigh price. High quality material simply can not be cheap. If plastic structures have a suspiciously low price, then, for their production, secondary raw materials were used, which is likely to affect the quality.

Garden greenhouses of polyethylene are easy to use, cheap, good light transmission. The film can be fixed without problems on any frame, and if necessary, simply removed.

The disadvantage of conventional polyethylene is itsrapid failure, this material usually serves 2-3 seasons. It has a weak resistance to natural phenomena, the film can be damaged by strong wind or a large hail.

More durable greenhouses are obtained from reinforcedfilms. Between the layers of such a film is placed a mechanical mesh, which makes it strong and resistant to stretching. Greenhouses from any polyethylene are only for use in the season.

Glass glasshouses are characterized by highlight transmission, resistance to abrasive substances, good heat insulation. It is possible to apply glass structures all year round, they are durable, do not require special care - it is enough to wash them regularly with water and detergent and that's all.

The main drawback of greenhouses from glass islack of mobility, such a construction can be installed at some particular place, because it requires a solid foundation and additional supporting structures. In addition, the minuses of glass are high fragility, it can damage a strong hail or hurricane.