Houses of timber: a variety of material, features

Houses of timber: a variety of material, features

Wooden houses made of timber are not less popular than concrete and brick buildings. They are comfortable, keep warm, are characterized by high ecological compatibility and excellent microclimate.

Houses of timber: a variety of material, features

One of the advantages of the bar is its shape,processing with a rectangular cross section makes it more even in comparison with conventional logs. With this material it is easy to work, the walls from it are made more even, which greatly facilitates the interior decoration of the room.

Houses made of beams can differ in the kind of material, as it is divided into profiled, rectangular and glued. The first two are referred to a bar of natural moisture.

The most inexpensive is considered rectangular, thatmakes the acquisition of this material very attractive. A significant drawback of it is the difference in size and shape between the individual beams, so the walls of it require sealing with special moisture-repellent compounds or flax fibers. In addition, this house needs external finishing, for example, siding or plaster.

Easier to install is profiledbar of natural moisture. The ends of such beams have special recesses and cavities, which simplifies the assembly of the house - there is no need to seal the seams and finish the walls from the outside. The only thing that requires a structure of this material - polishing, impregnating with antiseptic solutions and coloring.

The best quality is glued beam. To produce it, the most precise equipment is used, with which the logs are sawn to the lamellae, dried, and then glued together, taking into account the directions of the wood fibers.

Glued beams, of course, are times more expensive than materialsnatural moisture, but its properties are much better. It does not require additional external finishing, it is not subject to shrinkage, during construction, no crevices are formed from it, and it is impregnated with antiseptic substances at the production stage.