Blinds - practical protection of windows

Blinds - practical protection of windows

Blinds - universal window curtains. They have gained popularity with convenience and ease of care. Blinds reliably protect the apartment from sunlight and help to keep warm in winter.

Blinds - practical protection of windows

Practical protection and decoration of windows

In the summer curtains-blinds - a great opportunityprotect yourself from bright sunlight, especially this is true for rooms facing the south side. In contrast to dense heavy fabric, the designs of lamellas are light, they let in uniform daylight and create a cozy harmonious interior. So that they fit well in the style of the apartment, choose them in accordance with the color scheme of the room.

Also, the choice of the texture and type of blinds depends on the purpose of the room. So, bedroom and bathroom need deaf protection, the ideal choice will be vertical structures with lamellas made of dense material.

Blinds made of energy-saving material

A good choice can be modern blinds fromenergy-saving material. Having installed such curtains on the windows, you will significantly reduce the cost of heating. In the winter, significant heat losses occur through the window, glass is not an effective thermal protection. The larger the area of ​​the glazing, the more reliable the barrier is needed.

Unique blinds will regularly serve a lotyears without requiring replacement. Inflektor is made in the form of: sliding grilles, roll shutters, vertical blinds, removable frames (like mosquito nets). When installing blinds, window openings do not need additional protection.

In winter, the blinds are hung with a reflective side inwardsroom, it does not miss thermal radiation, but the heat and light of the sun's rays pass unchecked. Summer is outweighed by a reflective surface on the street, it delays 72% of the sun's rays, which is why it's cool in the room. This reduces the need for air conditioners, which saves energy.