Tip 1: Which interior trim for an apartment to choose?

Tip 1: Which interior trim for an apartment to choose?

In construction there is a concept - "finishing of apartmentson a turn-key basis ", that is, the houses are put in operation with a fully completed interior decoration of the premises. But not every apartment is clean. Often builders offer buyers a home in a rough draft stage. It is worth this apartment is cheaper, but the problems associated with the final finishing works, fall on the shoulders of the new owner.

Which interior trim to choose from?

Internal paneling

A competent finish is able to completely transformroom, visually expand the space, hide flaws, create a certain atmosphere. The fastest, easiest and most attractive kind of finishing work is MDF panels. At a reasonable price, this material provides ample opportunities for creative imagination. They lodge living quarters, balconies and loggias.

Using panels gives the apartmentadditional heat and sound insulation. They are durable, easy to clean, easy to clean. Mounting the panels on the frame allows you to hide the communication cables between the wall and the panels. For the implementation of design ideas, the panels can be mounted vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. A variety of color palette MDF - an excellent opportunity to create an original interior in the apartment.

Decorative plaster - modern decoration

But the panel is far from the only onefinishing type of finish. A special place in the decoration of the walls is decorative plaster - it looks very impressive. With the help of decorative paste, it is possible to create relief patterns, to give texture to walls, it is not only affordable, but has several advantages: resistant to ignition; resistant to water; wear-resistant.

Besides decorative plaster givesinterior solidity, the walls look just chic, they are easy to keep in a well-maintained form. The most famous types of decorative finishes are the Venetian, structural, mineral, textural. Application of plaster requires certain skills. To entrust the finishing of the apartment with decorative plaster is better than specialists.

Make a finishing room is now not a problem, the construction market offers a large selection of finishing materials, for every taste and purse. The choice is yours.

Tip 2: How to write a good ad

Want to quickly sell an unnecessary thing - placead. But somehow many people respond to some of them at once, but nobody pays attention to others? The matter is that registration of announcements is a process based on certain regularities.

How to write a good ad

You will need

  • - complete information about the product (service);
  • - writing accessories or a computer.



The goal of any announcement is to attract attention,interested in the buyer. Therefore, in order to write a good advertisement, combine both the brightness of the design and informative content. All ads have a strictly limited area, so you need to extract the most basic information from the entire amount of information about the product (service). So you get the draft text of the ad.


Choose a simple phrase that reflects the essence ofyour offer (for example, "sell an apartment") and make it a headline. The title should be written in bold, preferably in a different color, and occupy a total of 1/3 of the entire area of ​​the ad.


The next most important element is the price. Place the price at the bottom of the ad on an area of ​​1/3 of the total. Specify the price by changing zeros to letter abbreviations (for example, 1320 TR instead of 1.320.000 RUR).


Now select for all words and phrasesthe font sizes corresponding to the importance of the information. Thus, for the remaining information about the product (service), one-third of the total area of ​​the ad remains. In this space, place the information that the buyer is most interested in: new things or second-hand, in what condition it is, its technical characteristics (size, material, color, etc.). If you are selling an apartment - indicate the number of rooms, the total area, the area, the type of the house (brick or panel), the floor, the interior features that can increase the cost of housing (parquet, plastic windows, whirlpool, etc.).


Contact information at the bottom onsmall vouchers. Duplicate there the name of the ad (so that a person, taking it home from his pocket, immediately remembered whose phone it is), your phone number and your name and patronymic. Do not make tear-off sheets too small, otherwise they will simply collapse and get lost in the pocket or bag of a potential buyer.