How to choose a realtor

How to choose a realtor

Sale, purchase and rental housing - it's all veryit is important, and therefore it is better to entrust this kind of business to professionals. Note, the main word - to professionals, and not to realtors, who a month ago created a group in a social network. How to choose a good realtor?

How to choose a realtor

In Europe, the choice of a realtor is treated with the sameattention, how to choose a dentist or lawyer. You best rely on the testimonials and recommendations of your friends, but if there are none, you will have to look into all the details of the issue yourself.

Most people mistakenly believe that a realtortakes unjustifiably frantic money for his work, but it's not. Long-term work, accumulated experience, its own customer base - all this is a true professional.

First of all, you must compare the amount,The name of the appraisal of your home with the average prices in your area. It should not be significantly different. Unfair realtors often inflate the price (to constantly knock it down) or vice versa underestimate (the main thing is to make a deal faster and get your own "blood"). It is advisable to invite several realtors for evaluation and each to ask what criteria he specifically used to evaluate the apartment.

IMPORTANT. If you are initially invited to the office, then do not waste time on such a realtor. Most likely, you will be offered to conclude a paid contract, on the basis of which the realtor will begin its activities, but, subsequently, you will only lose money, and the office in the same place will not be found.

The second important point when working with realtorsare your costs. You need to voice all the fees, expenses, interest - the costs must be announced in full. If this topic is not a realtor, or its explanation is not clear to you, it is better not to contact such a "professional". Know, the most popular way of a deceit is the latent extra charges.

When a realtor offers to make a contract, it's betterjust consult with a lawyer. In the contracts, "pitfalls" often flash. In the contract, a paragraph must necessarily be written that says it is terminated without financial loss for you.

A realtor should post pictures of yourapartments on different resources on the Internet - be sure to check this process. Look for your home on the Internet, compare the cost and all other data.

If you comply with all these rules, your transaction will end in the most successful way.