Environmentally friendly building materials

Environmentally friendly building materials

Today, much attention is paid to ecology. Most people tend to make their home safe and "healthy". Only the use of environmentally friendly building materials will provide exactly this result.

Environmentally friendly building materials

One of the most common materialsis a soil block. Its composition may contain peat, ash, needles, cement or sawdust. Thanks to cement, this material has high strength and moisture resistance. Sometimes raw bricks are used, which is made from soil. The main advantages of the soil block are the low material cost, strength, fire resistance and low thermal conductivity. In addition, the house, built of such material, looks beautiful and does not need additional lining.

Another environmentally friendly material isgeocard. It is a mixture of peat, processed to a pasty state, sawdust, shavings and straw. This material has antiseptic properties and destroys harmful microorganisms. In other words, the geocar has a bactericidal effect. Other advantages of this material include affordable price, durability and even impenetrability for radioactive radiation. It eliminates unpleasant odors, extraneous noise, is not susceptible to decay and rodents. In a house from a geocar, there are always comfortable temperature conditions: in winter - heat, in summer - cool.

Also as a building materialuse Kerpen. It includes natural raw materials and industrial waste. Kerpen is used both for erection of buildings, and for warming and facing of walls. It is resistant to the effects of low temperature and moisture.

Often as an environmentally friendly constructionmaterials use shells, adobe, chalk, limestone, straw, wood, that is, materials of plant or sedimentary origin. Unusual material is a pink artic tuff, from which rectangular blocks are made. However, for the construction of multi-storey buildings, it does not fit.

Straw and reed produce pressed blocksand stitched them with wire. Saman is made from a mixture of sand, clay, water and straw. Buildings from adobe are considered not only environmentally friendly, but also therapeutic thanks to the radium that is part of the clay.

Of all types of bricks, the clay brick is considered to be the safest. It has high technical characteristics.

When building half-timbered houses, a tree is widely used, which fills the space between the beams.

When erecting carcass-monolithic structureszidarite is used. It is a fireproof and waterproof slabs, not exposed to insects and microorganisms. The composition of zidarite includes a mixture of crushed wood, cement and a small amount of water or liquid glass. Building material fibrolite is similar to its characteristics with zidarite. In its composition, add crystalline sea salt.