We prepare an apartment for rent

We prepare an apartment for rent

If you have a free living space and youyou want to rent it out, but you have never done it before, then you should take advantage of the basic recommendations of real estate experts. This will help you avoid the typical mistakes in this matter, quickly find tenants and not lose in price.

Gotovim kvartiru k sdache v arendu


First of all, decide on the cost. It is necessary to adequately assess the state of the market and its proposal in it. If you underestimate housing, then get less. If you ask for too high a fee, then you will be looking for tenants long, until finally you reduce the price.

To understand in which price categorybe a living area, view ads with characteristics that are close to your option. The importance is the number of rooms, apartment renovation, the area, transport links, the availability of gardens, schools and shops nearby.


The apartment in which the repair is done will haveGreater demand. "Killed" apartments are usually rented cheaply. Therefore it is good if the housing will have a "neat appearance". But here it is worth remembering that the quality of repair should correspond to its price sector.

In the old panel house you should not do expensiverepairs. People who are willing to pay a lot of money for a higher-class housing, choose new houses with parking, clean entrance, etc. Therefore, in the middle price category and economy class, there is enough cosmetic repair.

Customer search

If you do not want to rent an apartment to absolutely unfamiliar people, then tell about your intention to your friends and acquaintances. You can help this "word of mouth".

If the factor "by acquaintance" does not play an important rolefor you, then contact real estate agents or place ads on the pages of online resources and prints. The services of realtors are paid by the tenant, so it will not cost you anything.


For your peace of mind and the safety of living space, make a contract. The main points, as a rule, include:

  • Amount of monthly rent and date of payment
  • Prescribes who pays for what. In most cases, the owner of the living space pays utility bills, except those that are paid for by counters. Electricity, water, if the meter is installed, and the account for telephone calls over the subscription fee, pays the tenant.
  • in the text of the contract all those who will live will be registered. If the tenant has animals, then this is discussed in advance.
  • An act of reception - transfer of property, which is available in the apartment. It is also noted that there are shortcomings at the time of delivery in order to avoid mutual claims when the contract is terminated.