6 Simple Ways to Save on Electricity

6 Simple Ways to Save on Electricity

Tariffs for electricity are inexorably growing, forcing us to give out more and more sums every month. If you are tired of this order, I propose to consider 6 simple ways to save money!

6 Simple Ways to Save on Electricity

1. Two-tariff meters. After installing such a counter from 23:00 to 07:00 the electric power will manage to you in 2 times more cheaply. Previously, the saving mode began at 19:00, when most of us come home from work and start doing household chores. Soon such an approach was considered useless, but in fact it is not so, if you have devices that can be programmed for a certain time (washing, dishwasher).

Just set the start time, which will beTo have an economical regime! Of course, you will not be able to install such a meter yourself: first you will have to apply to the regional electricity supply center to get permission. After you buy a counter, the price of which starts from 1500 rubles. Then it should be installed in accordance with the instructions and call the master to reprogram it, set the time and tariffs.

2. Sockets with electronic timers. Especially relevant are they for those who have a homeThere are eletric water heaters and potters. You set a certain time to turn on this outlet, and the appliances will warm the water for you all night. The cost of this outlet is within 700 rubles, and you can install them yourself.

3. Energy-saving lamps. Now, probably, few people buy ordinaryincandescent lamps, preferring fluorescent lamps, because they save 60% of electricity! But there is an even more advantageous option: LED lamps. Of course, they are almost 3 times more expensive, but the lifetime of such a lamp is 100,000 hours or 50 years. LEDs save 85% of your electricity.

4. Induction cooker. It will save up to 30% of your electricity,warming up not the ring on which there is a dish, and the dishes themselves - you do not have to wait for the hotplate to heat up! Thus, the efficiency of the "indushka" is 90%. In addition, such plates are less traumatic: as soon as you remove the pan from the hob, it will immediately become cold, so accidental touches will not lead to burns. The prices for such plates start from 1500 rubles.

5. Motion Sensors is a great way to save on electricity forThose who often forget to turn off the lights! Put such a sensor in the hallway, and the problem with the permanently on light in the corridor will be solved! The cost of the sensor is about 500 rubles, and you can install them yourself.

6. Infrared heaters. If your home is not warm enough, it's about time.Pay attention to infrared heaters. The principle of their action is that they heat not the air, but the objects in the room, and only they start to warm the air. Heat from such a heater is felt right after switching on: there is no need to wait until it heats up. In addition, you can only specify a specific heating area.