How to check an apartment or room before buying

How to check an apartment or room before buying

When buying real estate in the secondary marketmany of us are afraid for the purity of the transaction, because if something turns out wrong, the buyer will be left without money and without real estate. What to check, what documents to ask from the owner?

How to check an apartment or room before buying?

For such checks, you can, of course, hirerealtor, but such help does not guarantee the purity of the deal, because a realtor can easily slag or err. Remembering the expression "if it needs to be done well, it is necessary to do it yourself", let's remember what documents a real estate seller must provide, so that there is no obvious trouble when buying:

Title documents: a document that directly confirms the rightownership of this seller's property. This could be a document on privatization, a contract of sale, a gift, depending on the method of obtaining real estate.

Passport of the owner. All passport data in the remaining documents must becoincide with the data specified in the passport itself. If the apartment was received under the previous passport, look at the last page of the valid passport, there the data of the previously issued passports should be indicated.

It is also important to clarify the availability of evidencedocuments, if the seller changed the name, for example, in connection with the marriage. By the way, if the property is bought in a marriage, the consent of the spouse for the transaction will be necessary. If minors are also owners, it will be necessary to require the consent of the guardianship and trusteeship agencies for the transaction.

Request an extract from the Unified State Register.It can do any person, not necessarily the owner of the apartment. It will show who is the owner, and also whether there are any encumbrances. Also worth asking certificates from the passport office on Form 9 and 12. They can help to identify people who have been temporarily taken out of the register at the place of residence (for example, convicts, servicemen in the army ...).

It is important with cadastral and technical passport to an apartment, which should include an apartment plan with a description of the premises.

It is important that all references are fresh, and the passportfor an apartment not older than 5 years. Also note that if you have a suspicion that the seller is abusing alcohol, for example, you should ask for help from a drug and psycho-dispensary about the fact that the seller is not there on the register.