Renovation of the apartment interior without repair

Renovation of the apartment interior without repair

The best way to transform an apartment ismake it a good repair. But as you know, any repairs require substantial investment of finance, time, energy and nerves. For those who do not have the opportunity to start such a time-consuming process of work, there are several simple and inexpensive ways to update the interior with their own hands.

renovation of the interior without repair


Getting used to the existing situation, we oftenwe cease to notice its central elements, which determine the general orientation of the design of the room. Opening and closing the curtains every day, we pay attention to them only when they begin to need washing. But it's only necessary to change their location, change the color or texture - and the room will be transformed almost beyond recognition.

If the curtains are of a classic arrangement,hanging vertically along the window aperture, it is worthwhile experimenting with lambrequins, changing the length of the curtains, collecting the fabric in beautiful folds and tie them with a decorative cord.

unusual curtain

An equally important element of the decor is theflooring - a simple change of carpet can create wonders with the room. Changing the coloring to a brighter and more saturated can give a new note to the entire interior. And do not be afraid that the new carpet will not be combined in color with the old furniture - enough to arrange on the horizontal surfaces of several trinkets suitable colors and the consistency of the overall style will be respected and supplemented.

bright carpet

To emphasize the new nuances created by curtainsand a floor covering, it is recommended to add a few original pillows to the armchairs and sofas. The fabric of the cushion covers can both harmonize and contrast with the coloring of the overall color scheme of the interior, the main thing is to observe the sense of proportion and not turn bright colors into flashy and causing headaches.


Doors, always in the first place come across onThe eyes when moving around the apartment are an unlimited space for creativity. Glass insets in the door leaf can be sealed with a patterned self-adhesive film, painted with artistic paints, imitating stained glass, zadekorirovat with photo wallpapers or repainted using original stencils.

Wall-papers on a door


From scraps of beautiful wallpaper is easy to makestylish and unusual panels that can be hung on the walls. The only important condition for decorating walls is that they should not be cluttered with numerous shelves with books and various trinkets, otherwise the interior of the room will look lumpy and tasteless.

Also, a good decoration of vertical surfaces are colored family photos in elegant frames, stylish collages from your favorite pictures or original applications cut from old wallpaper.

applique from wallpaper