Painting the walls in the apartment

Painting the walls in the apartment

Now, some people try to do repairs themselves, because in this case, much less money is spent. One of the important points is the correct and high-quality painting of the walls in the apartment.

Painting the walls in the apartment

Selection of materials for painting walls

Each room in the apartment has its owncertain properties. If it's a bathroom, then it's wet and sometimes very hot, so experts recommend choosing materials that contain anti-mold components for painting. The same paint is perfect for a toilet.

The corridor and the kitchen are exposed to a largeoperational loads. Walls painted with paint should be resistant to washing with various means. An excellent choice for painting such rooms will be water based compositions with a large number of cycles of abrasion: "Euro-20", "Deluxe" and "Dali for kitchens and bathrooms." These paints are well applied and very stable.

For living room also need to choosewater-emulsion compounds. They do not smell, do not emit harmful substances into the environment, they are safe for children and animals. Acrylic paint falls perfectly on wallpaper, concrete and plasterboard surfaces.

How to paint walls correctly

To paint the walls you need to prepare not only paint. In the building shop you can buy velor rollers, tinting brushes, coloring to give a certain color to the composition.

If the walls are covered with wallpaper, it's good enoughmix the acrylic composition and proceed to staining. Apply 2-3 coats of paint. It is worth considering that the consumption of paint on the wallpaper is significantly increased, so it is better to buy it with a margin.

If the walls are concrete or lined with plasterboard, butpreviously they were not painted, then their preliminary priming is required. The primer should also be acrylic, it should be applied 2 times, so that the finish coat should lie exactly. In addition, pre-priming significantly reduces the consumption of the material, because the substrate no longer absorbs the paint.

On the previously painted walls, a primer is not required. You can immediately apply the paint of a suitable color. Experts recommend between the layers wait about 2-3 hours, during this time the composition is guaranteed to dry out.

All water-based paint is applied to walls andwallpaper with a velvet roller. Its width is chosen individually. Do not take so popular foam tools, because after their use on the walls may remain bubbles or irregularities. If you follow these rules, then you can paint the walls yourself very easily.