Spheres of application of porcelain stoneware

Spheres of application of porcelain stoneware

Ceramic granite is one of the varieties of tiles,different from the usual with its valuable properties and special components used in the production process. It is these features and the excellent characteristics of this material are due to it: it is much stronger than floor tiles and is more resistant to negative temperatures.

Spheres of application of porcelain stoneware



This coating is widely used forfinishing of walls and floors in apartments and private houses. Since its main advantages are ecological compatibility and ease of maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness of the surface.


Thanks to the fact that the porcelain stoneware is resistant tolow temperatures, it is perfect for finishing pedestrian paths. That's why it is used in aggressive conditions, not being afraid that it will be spoiled. For exterior cladding, porcelain stoneware is used with a textured matt surface.


Recently, the aesthetic data of thismaterial promote its use in solid office interiors. Its appearance is similar to a natural stone, especially as porcelain stoneware will be much cheaper.


High ecological and hygienic propertiesporcelain stoneware promotes the popularity of its use in rooms with increased requirements for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It can be, for example, hospitals, any other medical institutions, kindergartens and schools.


Among other things, due to increasedstrength characteristics of porcelain stoneware, its use has also spread widely to rooms with high mechanical loads, for example, industrial shops and public buildings.