What dishes are needed for an induction cooker

What dishes are needed for an induction cooker

Induction cooker is different from other typescooking panels the principle of heat generation. For a number of parameters, these plates favorably differ from traditional household appliances for the kitchen, but they have special requirements for the choice of dishes.


The main requirement for dishes for inductionThe plate is its ability to magnetize. Therefore, for such plates do not fit pots and pans of aluminum, copper, glass and other materials that do not have magnetic properties.

Understanding the principle of the induction cooker, choosing or buying suitable dishes will not be difficult.

What should be the housewares

It is not necessary for a plate with an induction coil to immediately buy a new set of dishes. Can be used frying pans and pans, if they meet the requirements. In addition, plates of this type simply do not turn on if you use a dish of the wrong type.

Requirements for household utensils:

  • pots and pans are made of materials with ferromagnetic properties;
  • diameter of the bottom not less than 12 cm and a thickness of at least 2 mm;
  • perfectly flat, undeformed bottom.

Special dishes for induction cookers

Special dishes for induction are producedFurnace, which is distinguished by excellent quality and excellent user properties. The main advantage is the uniform distribution of heat over the surface of the tank. Special dishes for induction cookers are also suitable for gas and electric furnaces.

Quality dishes, produced specifically for induction cookers, must meet the following requirements:

  • in a special container there is a disk for the accumulation and distribution of heat;
  • the bottom has ferromagnetic properties;
  • Cookware should be warmed evenly and quickly.

Specialized dishes for induction cookershas a mark - a sign in the form of a spiral. The baking devices in the induction cooker have the same sign and ensure the correct temperature distribution. It is very important to pick up the dishes by their size. Any object of dishes should be free to be placed in the oven and do not touch the edges.

Special dishes for induction cookers are usuallymade of cast iron or stainless steel. Aluminum devices are also available, with a bottom covered with ferromagnetic metal, and non-stick cookware. All options have advantages and disadvantages.

What is the difference between dishes for an induction cooker

Utensils from "stainless steel" resistant to oxidation. The food cooked in it retains its useful properties. In a stainless steel bowl, you can safely store the cooked dish for a while. The disadvantages include the likelihood of an allergy to nickel, which is contained in the alloy.

Cast Iron Cookware It is durable, keeps heat for a long time and provides uniform heating over the entire surface of the dishes. Utensils made of cast iron are chemically inert. To drawbacks of cast-iron dishes can be attributed great weight and fragility.

Enameled tableware, made of steel alloys, alsosuitable for induction cookers. An important point in choosing enamelware is the bottom form. The bottom should be flat. If there is a depression in the bottom of the dish, it can work as an amplifier of wave oscillations, which will lead to noise in use.

Aluminum Cookware with a bottom of ferromagnetic metal is light, goodconducts heat. But in such dishes it is impossible to store acidic food and it quickly loses its market appearance. Dishes with non-stick coating for induction cookers may lose their properties if not properly handled.

Dishes for induction cookers are manufactured by European and Russian manufacturers. A wide selection of such dishes allows you to choose the best option for quality and price.