What do turtles eat at home

What do turtles eat at home

In recent years, land and water bugsbecame one of the most popular pets. This is easy to explain: the turtle takes up little space, it does not require regular walks and constant attention from the owner, caring for it is simple and the turtle does not have allergies.

What do turtles eat at home

Conditions for the turtle

All about turtles: how to keep themPlanting a tortoise in a house, do not forget thatthis is a living being that needs careful care and attention to health. First, decide which turtle you prefer, land or water? In accordance with the choice you will need an aquarium or a terrarium in which the animal will live. The view that the turtle can move freely around the apartment is erroneous. Having no place of its own, the reptile risks catching a cold in the draft, getting you or the house under your feet and getting hurt or getting to where it will not be easy to get out.

Water turtle

how to keep turtle in the apartmentThe most popular species is waterred-bellied bug. To keep this animal you will need a spacious aquarium in which a small piece of land will be allocated, so that the turtle would have a rest after swimming. Water turtles are predators, so they will be happy to eat live food such as bloodworm, insects or seafood, fresh fish, previously cleaned from bones and crushed.
Do not give turtles a boiled meat or fish - this can cause frustration and malaise. The digestion of these animals is not intended for digestion of thermally processed foods.
Despite its predatory nature, turtles do notrefuse vegetable food - salad, carrots and algae. Also in any pet shop you can buy a special granulated food for water turtles.

Land turtle

how to transport a sea turtle in a trainLand or Central Asian turtle -a resident of warm countries, and therefore should be kept in a terrarium with a lamp installed above her to provide enough heat and light. Tortoises are vegetarians. Their diet should consist of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and greens. Turtles need food containing coarse dietary fibers, so the basis for the ration of the land tortoise should be kale, carrots, beets and apples. If you give the turtle green, then it should be finely chopped and always fresh. Do not give turtles too spicy greens, such as coriander or basil, limit yourself to more neutral herbs and a lettuce. In early spring, a land turtle can be pampered with young leaves of a dandelion.
Remember that the food in the turtle's trough should not be more than three hours. If the animal has not eaten everything that you offered her, do not leave it until the next feeding.
To feed the land tortoise ina specialized store you can also buy food containing the necessary amount of fiber and nutrients, but do not transfer the turtle only to dry granules, fresh food is necessary.

Food Restrictions

how to feed an adult turtle waterIn the stomach of a turtle, both water and land,do not contain enzymes that help digest dairy products, bakery products, cooked cereals or eggs. You may think that you are spoiling your pet, but such food can disrupt the functioning of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract of the turtle.